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Scene & Not Heard: Play The Quietus' Cinema Classics Mime Game
The Quietus , May 12th, 2010 07:32

Today we're proud to present the sequel to our smash hit game It's A Question Of Mime... roll up, roll up, for Scene & Not Heard

Late in 2008, the Quietus coaxed reluctant and retiring mime genius M. Mattius Kaufman from his study at the Paris Conservatory Of Contemporary Mime And Interpretive Dance. He donned his famous black leotard, hand-woven in rare pure silk by a pygmy tribe discovered only in 1936, and interpreted classic album sleeves from the history of modern music. You can play the original game here... but today we're proud to announce the sequel. Yes, M. Kaufman has once more squeezed into the garb of his profession to perform some of the classic scenes from cinematic history in our brand new game, Scene And Not Heard.

You have 30 seconds in which to guess the title of the film, and the answer should be typed into the box beneath the mime screen. If you are correct, the mime will freeze and you can progress to the next film. If your skills are weak, you may press replay at any time to start M. Kaufman's routine from the beginning. The very best of luck: