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"Heaviest Song Ever" By SunnO)))
The Quietus , January 13th, 2010 06:07

In a spurious and unscientific yet entirely satisfying endeavour, SunnO)))'s 'Hunting And Gathering' was named the heaviest song ever by "absolute maniacal mad man" Jason Ellis.

"I guess there's no accounting for taste!" said Greg Anderson about the dubious award.

The track is taken from Monoliths And Dimensions The Quietus' favourite album of 2009. To listen to Mr Ellis and Mr Anderson on Radio Faction click here.

We, of course, are in broad agreement but would like to see a proper scientific double blind experiment conducted by the world's top physicists in 2010. When the world's greatest minds in heaviosity gather, we would like them to consider the following songs:

Electric Wizard 'Dopethrone'

Heaviness: like a skip full of bowling balls being pushed off a cliff

Eyehategod 'Dopesick'

Heaviness: like a very, very heavy brass skull

Sleep 'Dopesmoker'

Heaviness: like a very, very big anvil

Butthole Surfers '22 Going On 23'

Heaviness: like the death of the family pet

Mayhem 'Freezing Moon'

Heaviness: like the death of the family

Thorr's Hammer 'Norge'

Heaviness: like a Transit van being sucked into a black hole

Godflesh 'Like Rats'

Heaviness: like the Titanic. Being dropped on your foot

Admiral Angry 'Bug Vomit'

Heaviness: like the deathstar filled with lead

Ministry 'Corrosion'

Heaviness: like Mechagodzilla's big computerized balls

Melvins 'Roman Bird Dog'

Heaviness: like a giant metal dinosaur with its own weather system