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Beastie Boy Recovering From Cancer Surgery
Ben Hewitt , August 6th, 2009 09:35

Adam Lauch tells fans he's "rapidly recovering"

The Beastie Boys' Adam Lauch has told fans he is "rapidly recovering" from his recent cancer surgery.

The rapper revealed last month that he was suffering from a cancerous tumour in his left salivary gland which forced the band to postpone the release of their album Hot Sauce Committee Part 1.

He has now informed fans that "things are moving along" and he has returned home "to relax, have home-cooked food and hang out with the family".

He added: "No sooner am I on the mend from this first torture than they are lining up the next one. The next treatment will be radiation. That involves blasting you with some kind of beam for a few minutes a day, five days a week, for about seven weeks."