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Happy Mondays Go Funk On New Album
The Quietus , March 5th, 2009 10:12

Currently being recorded in Stockport

The Quietus' sneaky agents in the North have discovered that The Happy Mondays are currently recording a new album.

Shaun Ryder is currently ensconsed in the Moolah Rouge Studios in Stockport along with Happy Mondays bandmates Bez and Gaz Whelan.

At the helm for the sessions is Sunny Levine, grandson of the legendary Quincy Jones, and a release of the as-yet-untitled record is expected after the summer.

The record is said to be a homage to the 'Mondays love of funk, and one song title has emerged. 'Ice Station Zebra' is apparently so named because Ryder watched the Alistair MacLean-penned Cold War thriller at Christmas and liked it so much he wanted to commemorate it in song.