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Valkyrie: Riding Roughshod Over History?
Luke Turner , January 23rd, 2009 05:31

We've come to expect Hollywood to rewrite history, says Luke Turner. But in the case of Von Stauffenberg, the mono-armed, cycloptic plotter who tried to blow up Hitler, is there even space to do this?


Night Of The Generals
Scene of Battle: Occupied Paris, World War Two

Behind Enemy Lines Night of the Generals is set agains the background of the 1944 Von Stauffenberg plot. Omar Sharif plays a German officer investigating the murderous excesses of senior staff officers in occupied Europe, while Peter O'Toole is resplendant as a vicious Nazi beast with impeccable manners and obsessions. First rate serial killer movie made years before they became fashionable.

Trivia: Claus Von Stauffenberg, played by French actor GĂ©rard Buhr, actually makes a cameo appearance in the film.