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The Quietus Album Covers Mime Quiz - The Answers
The Quietus , December 4th, 2008 04:43

We help you out with a gallery of the answers to our perfidious game

Judging from the emails Quietus HQ has had from all around the world, there are many of you 50,000-odd players of our album covers mime game sitting in front of computer keyboards strewn with hair and fleshy lumps of scalp, so tricky did you find it.

Happily, we are benevolent souls, and have decided to give you the answers in the gallery at the bottom of this piece. Feel free to give the game another whirl by clicking here, and use the image gallery below to help you out with any covers that you're stuck on - you'll need to go by the number with the album title, rather than the gallery sequence number.

Thanks for playing, and stay tuned to The Quietus for a brand new mime game in early 2009. Oh, and by the way, it seems that there's an irrational hatred of mime among many folks who dwell on web forums around the world. If anyone could explain to us why, exactly, this is, please do put the answer in the comments field.