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Wire Dissed By Wire's Dad
The Quietus , August 8th, 2008 14:07

Colin Newman

In a piece in today's Guardian, a host of musician's parents have been asked what they think of their children's careers. There's lots of Meatloaf on his daughter wearing a g-string, Michael Franti's Ma, Helen from Ladytron and assorted youth.

But the one that tickles The Quietus' fancy was the contribution from Roy Newman, father of Wire's Colin Newman. "People who know about these things tell me Wire are enormously significant, so I'm proud," he says. There's a caveat, though: "But I'm into easy listening," says Newman Snr; "I probably wouldn't buy a Wire CD!" Well, you would hope Colin might put one in your festive stocking, Roy.

The retired engineer adds, "I didn't know they were "punk" because I didn't read NME. In his schooldays he took every opportunity to look dishevelled, but Wire's image then - and now - is soberly dressed young men! When I first saw them at the Reading festival they wore black and didn't say much, a complete contrast to all the other groups."

You can read the full piece on the Guardian website. Oh, and Dave Simpson, if you're reading... we've found your missing member of The Fall.

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