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The 20 Most Controversial and Ill Thought Out Album Sleeves Of All Time
John Doran , July 17th, 2008 14:31

John Doran casts a baleful eye over some of the least well thought out album sleeves to grace record store shelves.


Mayhem Dawn Of The Black Hearts
One thing that you can't take away from Mayhem, said SunnO))) member Stephen O'Malley recently, is the fact that they certainly live up to their name. Like a clinically depressed can of Ronseal, their lead singer Dead certainly did what it said on his tin in 1991. Feeling a bit glum one night he cut his wrists and then shot himself in the head. Sensitive band mate Hellhammer rushed out to get a camera to record the scene, pausing only to rearrange the gun, the knife and his friend's now homeless brain matter into a more aesthetically pleasing pattern. He then made a necklace out of the skull shards. Never one to be outdone Euronymous cooked and ate a part of his brain. Oh how he laughed and laughed. Until he was murdered two years later by another Mayhem member, church burning fascist Varg Vikernes for being 'more evil' than him. Strangely enough, Mayhem still to this day cast a considerable spell over teenage boys of a certain disposition.