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U2 to headline Mighty Boosh Festival?
The Quietus , June 27th, 2008 00:00

When Bollo met Bono...

We at The Quietus like to keep our ears to the musical railroad, ever alert for the oncoming vibrations of a thundering news engine, 4-4-2 and hauling the 17.46 express of pure hard fact. One such rumble that's tickled our lobes over the past week or so is that headliners for next weekend's Vince Power-organised, Mighty Boosh-curated festival down at a hop farm in Kent will be none other than big badass Bono and his bunch of bawdy brigands, U2. B'jayus! Apparently the band will headline the Monkey Hell arena on Saturday, July 5th.

Could it be that Saint Bono is right now trying to wrest the blower out of the wise old hands of Nelson Mandela as he calls Robert Mugabe to tell him to sling his hook? For the word out there from one of our generous-palmed quietly-burrowing moles in the U2 camp is that Noel Fielding's mobile hasn't stopped ringing as Bono called him up, desperate to get pally with Vince Noir and Howard Moon to give some indie cred to the U2 behemoth.

"We'd heard rumours that Bono and Noel had been in touch," said our source. "Then the crew and all of us were told not to make any plans for the weekend of July 5th. Apparently it's now going ahead, and there's talk that U2 and the Mighty Boosh boys will do some kind of collaboration. It's great to be involved in this gig where the band will get to play to a new audience outside the usual stadiums."

The Quietus would recommend that any of our readers who are fans of U2, The Boosh, Gary Numan and the Gramophone manipulating skills of Mr Jarvis Cocker go here to buy some not-unreasonably priced tickets for the momentous bash.

But what'll be next in the U2 and comedy link-up stakes? In Name Of Love Thy Neighbour? Two Hearts Beat As One Foot In The Grave? New Year's Day Today? Three Men And A Little Achtung Baby? (that's enough U2 comedy tie-ins - ED.