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A Family Affair: Quietus Writers Pick Their Favourite Tracks Of 2013 So Far
John Doran , July 8th, 2013 05:30

Quietus writers and staff have chosen their favourite tracks of the year so far for your delectation. Contains monstrously long Spotify playlist. Where's my damn croissants says John Doran after two days of compiling

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Click here if you want to hear the writers' picks as a Spotify playlist

God bless the writers, may their nibs always remain razor sharp, may their ink always flow freely and unblocked, may their thirst for the written word remain undiminished.

When we put the call out for some top tens last week, we had no idea that the response would be so overwhelming, or informative. From a Polish glitch cover of a Carcass grindcore track to Chilean hypnotic space rock via Kanye West and Keiji Haino, a lot of ground was covered in their responses. Be warned, the Spotify playlist will take well over a working day to listen to but is, I think, worth the effort for all the interesting stuff it throws up.

Now doubtless some readers will feel that we've made terrible omissions. Tell us what would have been in your tracks of the half year poll in the comments feature below.

I'm not very good with statistics but a brief shuftie at the tables reveals certain things. David Bowie was the most voted for artist, followed by Kanye West, with Boards Of Canada, Daft Punk and Vampire Weekend coming joint second. Then the most popular artists were These New Puritans, British Sea Power, Savages, The Knife and our boy East India Youth. They in turn were closely followed by Jon Hopkins, Pusha-T, John Grant, Hey Colossus, Holden, Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats and Jeri-Jeri.

And this is where my maths gets even worse probably but I make the top ten songs voted for to be something along the lines of:

ONE. David Bowie - 'Where Are We Now?'
TWO. Hey Colossus - 'Hot Grave'
THREE. East India Youth - 'Heaven, How Long'
FOUR. Pusha T - 'Numbers On The Board'
FIVE. Pet Shop Boys - 'Vocal'
SIX. Fuck Buttons - 'The Red Wing'
SEVEN. Melt Yourself Down - 'Fix My Life'
EIGHT. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams - 'Get Lucky'
NINE. Wolf Eyes - 'Confessions Of The Informer'
TEN. John Grant - 'Pale Green Ghosts'

Which is pretty damn fine by my reckoning. And yes, long time readers of the site may well notice that I've voted for 'I Am A God' by Kanye West in my top ten. To be honest, I nearly voted for him twice. Life's too short to spend it pretending to hate music that's really very good.

Now, where's my damn croissants?

John Doran - Editor

One. Daft Punk ft. Nile Rogers & Pharrell - 'Get Lucky'
Two. East India Youth - 'Heaven, How Long'
Three. Steve Mason, Emiliana Torrini And Toy - 'I Go Out'
Four. Hey Colossus - 'Hot Grave'
Five. British Sea Power - 'Machineries Of Joy'
Six. Kanye West - 'I Am A God'
Seven. Gazelle Twin - 'Changeling' (John Foxx And The Maths mix)
Eight. Mohamad Al Ali - 'Mili Alay (Sway To Me)'
Nine. The Juan Maclean - 'You’re My Destiny'
Ten. Melt Yourself Down - 'Fix My Life'

Luke Turner - Editor

One. Carter Tutti - 'Coolicon'
Two. Diamond Version - 'Get Yours' (version)
Three. East India Youth - 'Heaven, How Long'
Four. Girl Band - 'Why They Hide The Bodies'
Five. Grumbling Fur - 'Dancing Light'
Six. No Bra - 'Candy Store'
Seven. Jon Hopkins & Hayden Thorpe - 'Goodbye Horses'
Eight. Steve Mason, Emiliana Torrini & Toy - 'I Go Out'
Nine. Pet Shop Boys - 'Vocal'
Ten. The Bug - 'Dirty'

Rory Gibb - New/Electronic/Extreme Music Editor

One. Grumbling Fur - 'Tilda Holds A Sword & Lilies'
Two. Powell - 'Rider'
Three. RP Boo - 'No Return'
Four. Inga Copeland - 'BMW'
Five. Laurel Halo - 'Sex Mission'
Six. Kyle Hall - 'Crushed'
Seven. East India Youth - 'Heaven, How Long'
Eight. Pev & Hodge - 'Bells' (System Mix)
Nine. Rustie - 'Triadzz'
Ten. LE1F - 'Spa Day'

Laurie Tuffrey - News Editor

One. These New Puritans - ‘Organ Eternal’
Two. East India Youth - ‘Heaven, How Long’
Three. Grumbling Fur - ‘Dancing Light’
Four. Factory Floor - 'Fall Back'
Five. A$AP Rocky - ‘Goldie’
Six. Grouper - ‘Vital’
Seven. Powell - ‘Rider’
Eight. Kanye West - ‘Bound 2’
Nine. Natasha Khan & TOY - ‘The Bride’
Ten. Boards Of Canada - ‘Jacquard Causeway’

Aug Stone - Comics Editor

One. Rodion G.A. - 'Alpha Centauri'
Two. The Lovely Wars - 'Young Love'
Three. Rihanna - 'Stay'
Four. OMD - 'Helen Of Troy'
Five. The Melting Ice Caps - 'In Bloom'
Six. Wire - 'Doubles & Trebles'
Seven. Makthaverskan - 'Asleep'
Eight. Keith Top Of The Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band - 'Do You Want Some?'
Nine. Suede - 'For The Strangers'
Ten. Mary-Anne & Kalla Handen - 'Mitt 00-tal'

Filip Kalinowski - Writer
(Top Ten Tracks From Poland)

One. Nor Cold - 'Deep End' [Multikulti Project]
Two. Ptaki - 'Krystyna' [The Very Polish Cut-Outs]
Three. Robert Piernikowski - Jakaś kaseta brata [Fundacja Kaisera Söze]
Four. Stara Rzeka - 'Nächtlich Spaziergang durch Klinger' [Instant Classic / Few Quiet People]
Five. Stefan Wesołowski - 'Route' [Important Records]
Six. Jacek Sienkiewicz - 'The Phantom Of Bayreuth' [Recognition]
Seven. The Same - Fungeez [InFiné]
Eight. Wilhelm Bras - 'Angel Lust' [Mik Music]
Nine. RSS B0YS - 'M00N00SR00M00 D0WN' [Mik Music]
Ten. Yac - 'Descanting the Insalubrious' [unreleased]

Josh Hall - Writer

One. Run The Jewels - 'A Christmas Fucking Miracle'
Two. Kyle Hall - 'Crushed'
Three. Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri - 'Xale'
Four. Stellar OM Source - 'Elite Excel' (Kassem Mosse remix)
Five. Holden - 'The Caterpillar's Intervention'
Six. Mykki Blanco - 'Bugged Out'
Seven. Chance The Rapper ft Ab-Soul - 'Smoke Again'
Eight. DJ Rashad - 'Drums Please'
Nine. Kode9 - 'Uh'
Ten. Container - 'Saturated'

Ben Myers - Writer/WRITER!

One. Melt Yourself Down – ‘Fix My Life’
Two. Baby Godzilla – ‘Powerboat Disaster’
Three. Purson – ‘Leaning On A Bear’
Four. Vampire Weekend – ‘Diane Young’
Five. Dillinger Escape Plan – ‘Prancer’
Six. Congo Natty Featuring Tenor Fly, Top Cat, General Levy, Tippa Irie, Sweetie Irie and Daddy Freddy - 'UK Allstars’
Seven. Wolf People – ‘All Returns’
Eight. Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats – ‘Mt. Abraxas’
Nine. British Sea Power – ‘Monsters Of Sunderland’
Ten. Kiran Leonard – ‘Dear Lincoln’

Wyndham Wallace - Rascal/Writer

One. David Lemaitre - 'Megalomania'
Two. David Bowie - 'Where Are We Now'
Three. Jim James - 'State Of The Art (A.E.I.O.U.)'
Four. Darkstar - 'Armonica'
Five. Anna Von Hausswolff - 'Deathbed'
Six. Team Ghost - 'Curtains'
Seven. Deathcrush - 'Lesson #13 for Nanker Phelge / Fire'
Eight. The Revival Hour - 'Control'
Nine. Huw Costin - 'Something/Nothing'
Ten. Poppy Ackroyd - 'Aliquot'

Tristan Bath - Writer

One. Matmos - 'Very Large Green Triangles'
Two. Colin Stetson - 'To See More Light'
Three. The Knife - 'Raging Lung'
Four. Dean Blunt - 'Papi'
Five. About Group - 'Walk On By'
Six. Wooden Wand - 'No Bed for Beatle Wand / Days This Long'
Seven. Zomes - 'Monk Bag'
Eight. Keiji Haino, Oren Ambarchi & Jim O’Rourke - 'Who Would Have Thought This Callous History Would Become My Skin'
Nine. AyGeeTee - 'Pleasure Warrior'
Ten. Melt Yourself Down - 'Fix My Life'

Toby Cook - Metal Columnist/Writer

One. Agrimonia - ‘Awaiting’
Two. Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - ‘Mind Crawler’
Three. Hey Colossus - ‘Hot Grave’
Four. The Body - ‘The Blessed Lay Down And Writhe In Agony’
Five. The Blood Of Heroes - ‘Dogtown’
Six. RP Boo - ‘The Opponent’ – RP Boo
Seven. DJ Rashad - ‘Rollin’
Eight. Shining (NOR) - ‘The One Inside’
Nine. Darkthrone - ‘Valkyrie’
Ten. Gnod - ‘The Vertical Dead’

Paul Tucker - Writer

One. His Electro Blue Voice - 'Kidult'
Two. Iceage - 'Everything Drifts'
Three. The Men - 'Supermoon'
Four. Girl Band - 'Why They Hide Their Bodies Under My Garage'
Five. John Grant - 'Pale Green Ghosts'
Six. The Haxan Cloak - 'The Mirror Reflecting (Part 2)'
Seven. Brandt Brauer Frick - 'Miami Theme' (feat. Erika Janunger)
Eight. Nadine Shah - 'Bobby Heron'
Nine. ERAAS - 'Trinity'
Ten. Lumerians - 'The Bloom'

Julian Marszalek - Writer

One. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams - 'Get Lucky'
Two. The Asphodells - 'One Minute's Silence'
Three. Mikal Cronin - 'Weight'
Four. Hey Colossus - 'Hot Grave'
Five. Queens of the Stone Age - 'I Sat By The Ocean'
Six. David Bowie - 'Valentine's Day'
Seven. Pissed Jeans - 'Bathroom Laughter'
Eight. Endless Boogie - 'Taking Out The Trash'
Nine. Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - 'Poison Apple'
Ten. Dharma Protocol ft Boy George - 'Coming Home'

Dale Berning - Writer

One. Colleen - 'Geometria Del Universo'
Two. Yo La Tengo - 'Stupid Things'
Three. Yo La Tengo - 'Ohm'
Four. Marnie Stern - 'Noonan'
Five. James Blake - 'DLM'
Six. Scout Niblett - 'Gun'
Seven. Alpoko Don - 'Song To God (My Life)'
Eight. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Subway'
Nine. Colleen - 'Break Away'
Ten. Ghostpoet - 'Meltdown'

Austin Collings - Writer/Man About Town

One. Naked (On Drugs) - 'Lee Ann's Skin'
Two. Kult Country - 'Slowburn'
Three. Duncan Chisolm - 'Unknown Air'
Four. Several Wives - 'White Gown'
Five. Emperor Zero - 'Mental Health Cafe'
Six. Mike Patton - 'Snow Angel'
Seven. The Fall - 'Loadstones'
Eight. Money - 'Hold Me Forever'
Nine. Cold Cave - 'Meaningful Life'
Ten. Jonny Greenwood - 'Able-Bodied Seaman'

Joseph Burnett - Writer

One. Prurient - 'Through the Window'
Two. Dennis Johnson - 'November (disc3)'
Three. Okkyung Lee - 'Over the Oak, Under the Elm'
Four. Black Boned Angel - 'The End, Part 1'
Five. Cindytalk - 'Time to Fall'
Six. William Basinski - 'The Trail Of Tears'
Seven. Jan St Werner - 'Cloud Diachroma'
Eight. Jessika Kenney & Eyvind Kang - 'Tavof'
Nine. Umberto - 'Initial Revelation'
Ten. Stara Rzeka - 'Przedbudzenie boga wschodu'

Charlie Frame - Writer

One. Wildlife! ft. Terry Lynn - 'Oh Bondage, Up Yours'
Two. The Knife - 'Full of Fire'
Three. When Saints Go Machine - 'System of Unlimited Love'
Four. DJ Rashad - 'Let It Go'
Five. Iron & Wine - 'Lovers' Revolution'
Six. Rhye - 'Last Dance'
Seven. Stylo G - 'Soundbwoy'
Eight. Vampire Weekend - 'Step'
Nine. Boards of Canada - 'Telepath'
Ten. Hacker Farm - 'One, Six, Nein'

Tom Hasson - Writer

One. Factory Floor - 'Fall Back'
Two. Toy & Natasha Khan - 'The Bride'
Three. David Bowie - 'Where Are We Now?'
Four. Kanye West - 'New Slaves'
Five. Janelle Monae feat. Erykah Badu - 'Q.U.E.E.N.'
Six. Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Sacrilege'
Seven. Fuck Buttons - 'The Red Wing'
Eight. Justin Timberlake - 'Mirrors'
Nine. Savages - 'She Will'
Ten. Vampire Weekend - 'Diane Young'

Theo Ploeg - Writer / European Music Columnist

One. Pet Shop Boys - 'Vocal'
Two. DJ Koze vs. Hildegard Knef - 'Ich Schreib dir en Buch 2013'
Three. Boards Of Canada - 'Cold Earth'
Four. DWIG - 'Der Apfel Und Das Ei'
Five. Popnoname - 'Change'
Six. Atoms For Peace - 'Judge, Jury And Executioner'
Seven. Savages - 'Shut Up'
Eight. The Bronx - 'Along For The Ride'
Nine. Applescal - 'Lonely People'
Ten. Pere Ubu - 'Free White'

Ian Wade - Writer

One. Disclosure ft. Aluna George - 'White Noise'
Two. John Grant - 'Pale Green Ghost'
Three. Parquet Courts - 'Stoned And Starving'
Four. Todd Terje & Lindstrom - 'Lanzarote'
Five. James Blake - 'Retrograde'
Six. Pet Shop Boys - 'Vocal'
Seven. Money - 'Bluebell Fields'
Eight. Daft Punk - 'Giorgio By Mororder'
Nine. Jon Hopkins - 'Open Eye Signal'
Ten. Pulp - 'After You'

David McKenna - Writer / French Music Columnist

One. Colleen - 'Breaking Up The Earth'
Two. Mondkopf - 'The Nicest Way'
Three. Daft Punk ft. Pharrell Williams - 'Get Lucky'
Four. Orval Carlos Sibelius - 'Cafuron'
Five. Rêve - 'Cosmic Belly'
Six. Holden - 'Les Bouteilles De Ciel'
Seven. Christophe - 'Silence On Meurt'
Eight. Lescop - 'Le Mal Mon Ange'
Nine. Françoise Hardy - 'Normandia'
Ten. 69 - 'Black Dare'

Matthew Kent - Writer

One. Chris Petit - 'Dead Drunks'
Two. Wolf Eyes - 'Confessions Of The Informer'
Three. Powell - 'Oh No New York'
Four. Erkki Kurenniemi - 'On-Off Revisited'
Five. Liberez - 'My Madness Offends'
Six. DJ Sotofeit - 'L.I.S.' (Sotofeit Ona Dhug-Drop Mix)
Seven. Galacher Lustwerk - 'Leisure'
Eight. Mark Ernestus Presents Jeri-Jeri - 'Dub Dafa Nekh'
Nine. Jean Vomit Terror/Ed Sunspot - 'The Seat Of Same (Carl Calm Gulf Of Night Mix)
Ten. Terry Riley/Don Cherry - 'Descending Moonshine Dervishes' (2013 Koln LP Bootleg)

Neil Kulkarni - Writer

One. Pusha T - 'Numbers On The Board'
Two. Ulterior Motive & Judda - 'Timekeeper'
Three. Haraket - 'Taint' (King Krule & Jamie Isaac Remix)
Four. Telemachus - 'Tennis Season'
Five. Mylo Stone/Percy Filth/Split Prophets/Serocee/DJ Rogue - 'Brukfoot'
Six. Cappo & Nappa - 'Red Hot'
Seven. Duke Damont ft. AME - '100%'
Eight. Strange U - 'Klaatu Barada Niktu'
Nine. DJ Hazard - 'Time Tripping'
Ten. Swindle - 'Start Me Up'

J.R. Moores - Writer

One. Wooden Wand - 'Outsider Blues'
Two. Wolf Eyes - 'Confessions of the Informer'
Three. Liars - 'I Saw You From The Lifeboat'
Four. Mountains - 'Propeller'
Five. Chelsea Light Moving - 'Alighted'
Six. Endless Boogie - 'Taking Out The Trash'
Seven. The Men - 'Supermoon'
Eight. Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge - 'Rise Of The Ghostface Killah'
Nine. Haxan Cloak - 'The Drop'
Ten. Bardo Pond - 'Maggot Brain'

Joe Clay - Writer

One. Fuck Buttons - 'The Red Wing'
Two. Boards Of Canada - 'Reach for the Dead'
Three. Drenge - 'Backwaters'
Four. Holden - 'Blackpool Late-Eighties'
Five. Jon Hopkins - 'Collider'
Six. Vision Fortune - 'XVII'
Seven. Sun Araw - 'Right Off'
Eight. Mazes - 'Ores & Minerals'
Nine. Hookworms - 'Since We Had Changed'
Ten. Jagwar Ma - 'The Throw'

Barnaby Smith - Writer

One. Alasdair Roberts - 'The Wheels of the World'
Two. John Grant - 'Glacier'
Three. Rose Windows - 'Native Dreams'
Four. Alela Diane - 'Before The Leaving'
Five. PVT - 'Love & Defeat'
Six. Milk Carton Kids - 'Memphis'
Seven. Sam Amidon - 'As I Roved Out'
Eight. Ducktails - 'Ivy Covered House'
Nine. The Black Angels - 'Evil Things'
Ten. Deerhunter - 'Dream Captain'

Adrian Lobb - Writer

One. Teleman – 'Cristina'
Two. Mogwai – 'Hungry Face'
Three. Savages – 'Shut Up'
Four. Eccentronic Research Council – 'Bunfight In The Open University Staff Room'
Five. Rachel Zeffira – 'The Deserters'
Six. David Bowie – 'Where Are We Now?'
Seven. Casual Sex – 'Soft School'
Eight. Daughter – 'Human'
Nine. L.Pierre – 'Harmonic Avenger'
Ten. Pixies – 'Bagboy'

Daniel Barrow - Writer

One. Autre Ne Veut – 'World War'
Two. Sophie – 'Bipp'
Three. Bee Mask – 'Rain In Coffee'
Four. These New Puritans – 'Field Of Reeds'
Five. Zomby – 'With Love'
Six. Ital – 'Ice Drift' (Stalker Mix)
Seven. Interplanetary Prophets – 'Time is Running Out'
Eight. Demdike Stare – 'Primitive Equations'
Nine. Kemper Norton – 'Her'
Ten. L-Vis 1990 – 'Signal'

James Skinner - Writer

One. The National - 'Pink Rabbits'
Two. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'Higgs Boson Blues'
Three. Conor Oberst - 'You Are Your Mother’s Child'
Four. Vampire Weekend - 'Ya Hey'
Five. Iron & Wine - 'Baby Center Stage'
Six. Anaïs Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer - 'Tam Lin (Child 39)'
Seven. These New Puritans - 'Fragment Two'
Eight. Kanye West - 'Hold My Liquor'
Nine. Mogwai - 'Wizard Motor'
Ten. Waxahatchee - 'Brother Bryan'

Pete Redrup - Writer

One. David Bowie - 'Where Are We Now?'
Two. Julian Cope - 'They Were On Hard Drugs'
Three. Devendra Banhart - 'Won't You Come Home'
Four. William Basinski - 'The Trail Of Tears'
Five. Jeri Jeri (with Mbene Diatta Seck) - 'Mbeuguel Dafa Nekh'
Six. Julian Cope - 'The Armenian Genocide'
Seven. David Bowie - 'You Feel So Lonely You Could Die'
Eight. These New Puritans - 'Organ Eternal'
Nine. Boards of Canada - 'White Cyclosa'
Ten. East India Youth - 'Coastal Reflexions'

Chris Roberts - Writer / Boyish Good Looks

One. David Bowie – 'Love Is Lost'
Two. The National – 'Pink Rabbits'
Three. Bethia Beadman – 'Fire'
Four. Poltergeist – 'Your Mind Is A Box (Let Us Fill It With Wonder)'
Five. Steven Wilson – 'The Raven That Refused To Sing'
Six. Lloyd Cole – 'Blue Like Mars'
Seven. Savages – 'She Will'
Eight. Henry Fool – 'My Favourite Zombie Dream'
Nine. Depeche Mode – 'Secret To The End'
Ten. Iggy & the Stooges - 'Job'

Neil MacDonald - Writer

One. Kahn - 'Badman City' feat. Flowdan
Two. Cold Cave - 'God Made The World'
Three. Füxa - 'Sun Is Shining'
Four. The Cyclist - 'Bones In Motion'
Five. Kalambya Boys - 'Kivelenge' (The Busy Twist Remix)
Six. Khalil Nova - 'Killin' Dese Niggas & Killin' Dese Bitches'
Seven. The Ex & Brass Unbound - 'Every Sixth Is Cracked'
Eight. CX KIDTRONIK - 'The Buddykrak' feat. Jonwayne & DJ Reaganomics
Nine. Föllakzoid - 'Trees'
Ten. Sorie Kondi - 'Ngalungala'

Russell Cuzner - Writer

One. The Fall - 'Victrola Time'
Two. Hollywood Dream Trip - 'Untitled'
Three. Hey Colossus - 'English Flesh'
Four. Irr.App.(Ext.) + Blue Sabbath Black Cheer - 'Dire Consequences'
Five. Julia Kent - 'Transportation'
Six. Kemper Norton - 'Him'
Seven. Colin Potter - 'Melodious Thunk'
Eight. Laura Sheeran - 'Voyager'
Nine. Skullflower - 'Ruby Ridge'
Ten. Chris Watson - 'Touch-Wildeye Party Mix'

Gary Suarez - Writer / Hip Hop Columnist

One. Action Bronson - 'The Rockers' (feat Wiz Khalifa)
Two. Antwon - '3rd World Girl'
Three. Kool & Kass - 'Pleasance'
Four. Lil Wayne - 'Love Me (feat. Drake & Future)'
Five. Migos - 'Thank You God'
Six. French Montana - 'When I Want'
Seven. Pusha T - 'Numbers On The Boards'
Eight. Rockie Fresh - 'Life Long' (feat. Rick Ross & Nipsey Hussle)
Nine. Earl Sweatshirt - 'Chum'
Ten. Kanye West - 'Bound 2'

Chad Parkhill - Writer

One. The Drones - 'They'll Kill You'
Two. The Knife - 'A Cherry on Top'
Three. Perez - 'Cramer'
Four. Daft Punk - 'Touch'
Five. Phoenix - 'Drakkar Noir'
Six. Discodeine - 'Aydin'
Seven. Vampire Weekend - 'Hannah Hunt'
Eight. Fuck Buttons - 'The Red Wing'
Nine. Lindstrøm and Todd Terje - 'Lanzarote'
Ten. Mr. Oizo - 'Lovin''

Kyle Ellison - Writer

One. Young Thug - 'Picacho'
Two. Deniro Farrar - 'Big Tookie'
Three. Droop E feat. J Stalin and Nite Jewel - 'N the Traffic'
Four. Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar - 'Collard Greens'
Five. Gucci Mane - 'Hell Yes'
Six. Pusha T - 'Numbers on the Boards'
Seven. Ka - 'Our Father'
Eight. Chance the Rapper - 'Pusha Man'
Nine. Louie V Mob - 'Dope Case'
Ten. Lil Durk - 'Dis Ain’t What U Want'

Nick Reed - Writer

One. Datarock - 'The Underground'
Two. Lonely Island - 'I Fucked My Aunt'
Three. Flynt Flo$$y, Yung Humma, Whatchyamacallit - 'Treat Me Like A Pirate'
Four. Karl Hyde - 'Should Have Been A Painter'
Five. Japandorf - 'Sketch No.1_b'

Six. Fantastic Plastic Machine - 'I Was in Love'
Seven. They Might be Giants - 'The Darlings Of Lumberland'
Eight. Whatchyamacallit feat. Flula Borg & Flynt Flo$$y - 'Taste You Like Yogurt'
Nine. Har Mar Superstar - '12:12'
Ten. Denki Groove - 'Oyster' (私は牡蠣になりたい)

Matt Evans - Writer

One. Mutation - 'Wham City'
Two. Fire! Orchestra – 'Exit! Part One'
Three. Guapo - 'The Pilman Radiant'
Four. Tomahawk - 'White Hats/Black Hats'
Five. Melvins - 'Set it on Fire'
Six. Mombu - 'Niger'
Seven. Deveykus - 'In the Left Hand Lies the Great Fire'
Eight. Eyvind Kang & Jessika Kenney - 'Tavaf'
Nine. Shining - 'How Your Story Ends'
Ten. Art of Burning Water - 'Lacerations To Hand And Faith'

John Freeman - Writer

One. Anna von Hausswolff – ‘Mountains Crave’
Two. Ghost Outfit – ‘Killuhs’
Three. Giant Drag – ‘We Like The Weather’
Four. Gold Panda – ‘Enoshima’
Five. Kanye West – ‘I Am A God’
Six. Money – ‘Goodnight London’
Seven. My Blood Valentine – ‘wonder2’
Eight. Nadine Shah – ‘Dreary Town’
Nine. The Pastels – ‘Kicking Leaves’
Ten. Pixies – ‘Bagboy'

Ryan Alexander Diduck - Writer

One. Prurient - 'You Show Great Spirit'
Two. Peter Gordon & Factory Floor - 'C Side'
Three. Ike Yard - 'Half A God (Recombinant Remix)'
Four. Demdike Stare - 'Primitive Equations'
Five. Inga Copeland - 'Speak'
Six. Helena Hauff - 'Actio Reactio'
Seven. Floorplan - 'Altered Ego'
Eight. Colin Stetson - 'High Above a Grey Green Sea'
Nine. JK Flesh - 'Deceiver'
Ten. Actress - 'Voodoo Posse Chronic Illusion'
Eleven. The Knife - 'Without You My Life Would Be Boring'

Stevie Chick - Writer/Baker

One. Bosnian Rainbows - 'Turtleneck'
Two. The Icarus Line - 'Marathon Man'
Three. Mikal Cronin - 'Piano Mantra'
Four. Quasimoto - 'Seasons Change'
Five. Deerhunter - 'Monomania'
Six. Thee Oh Sees - 'Minotaur'
Seven. Thundercat - 'Oh Sheit It's X'
Eight. Dobie - 'Magenta'
Nine. Kurt Vile - 'Gold Tones'
Ten. Chelsea Light Moving - 'Burroughs'

Nick Hutchings - Writer

One. Mudhoney - 'I Like It Small'
Two. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - 'Jubilee Street'
Three. The Oh Sees - 'Toe Cutter - Thumb Buster'
Four. Kid Congo & Pink Monkey Birds - 'Killer Diller'
Five. Kurt Vile - 'KV Crimes'
Six. Guided By Voices - 'Noble Insect'
Seven. Crocodiles - 'She Splits Me Up'
Eight. Fuzz - 'Sleigh Ride'
Nine. Pissed Jeans - 'Bathroom Laughter'
Ten. Iggy & The Stooges - 'Gun'

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Jul 8, 2013 10:36am

That East India Youth track mentions East Worthing, which is my local station. Dead proud.

Reply to this Admin

Nick Peters
Jul 8, 2013 10:46am

Do you have two Chad Parkhills writing for you? Though kudos to one of them for correctly identifying the best track on the (excellent) Vampire Weekend album is neither 'Step' nor 'Diane Young' but the superb 'Hannah Hunt'. It has the feel of The Walkmen to it.

Nice to see a mixture of tracks I am familiar with and a lot of stuff I am unfamiliar with. Will definitely have to go back to the British Sea Power album by the look of it, looks like it might benefit from another listen.

Along with 'Hannah Hunt', 'Pink Rabbits' and 'Get 'Lucky' I'd add.

Badlands 'Sleeping Beauty'.
Songs 'Boy/Girl'.
Torres 'Jealousy and I'.
Chvrches 'Recover'
Queens of the Stone Age 'I Appear Missing'.
The Men 'Electric'.
Atoms For Peace 'Dropped'.

Reply to this Admin

Jul 8, 2013 10:54am

mmmmmm..... lists.....

Reply to this Admin

Jul 8, 2013 11:35am

I used to love but David Bowie but in my honest opinion he
still hasn't made a decent record since Scary Monsters, it's
like he's the new Emille Sande, holding everyone to ransom until they write nice things about his overproduced dull music and awful sixth form art videos..
where the hell are tracks from Thundercat, Rokia Traore and Zomby all of whom have made some drop dead gorgeous music this year...trot on with your bowie and daft fackin punk..

Reply to this Admin

John Doran
Jul 8, 2013 11:51am

In reply to Louder :

Zomby and Thundercat are here you fuck head.

Reply to this Admin

John Doran
Jul 8, 2013 11:52am

In reply to Nick Peters:

Hi Nick, Sorry about that. I spent the entire weekend indoors doing this feature, you go cross eyed after a while... should be fixed now.

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Jul 8, 2013 12:07pm

In reply to Louder :

David Bowie is the new Emilie Sande. Let's just let that comment sit out for a while.

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Jul 8, 2013 12:44pm

In reply to Louis:

Now I think about it the similarities ARE uncanny... they... they both have heads.

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johnny kowalski
Jul 8, 2013 1:08pm

Yo just wanted to say nice one for all the support your giving Melt Yourself Down as I genuinely think they are the most exciting new music I've heard all year, and definitely the kind of thing the world needs more of.

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Jul 8, 2013 1:27pm

In reply to John Doran:

so they are, I guess I went a bit crossed eyed after so many bowie mentions, you fuck head.

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Jul 8, 2013 5:34pm

In reply to Louder :

Right on Louder

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Jul 8, 2013 8:27pm

ahhh shit I knew there was something I'd forgotten to email you

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Jul 9, 2013 6:33am

Jesus! So many disgracefully awesome tracks. You guys have out done yourselves, fantastic lists! I've found it nigh on impossible to narrow my choices down to a list of 10 but here goes:
1) Suede- It starts and ends with You
2) Just Blaze X Baauer- Higher
3) These New Puritans- Eternal Organ
4) Shining- The One Inside
5) PRO ERA- Like Water
6) David Bowie- (You will) Set the World on Fire
7) Mogwai- Hungry Face
8) The Bug ft. Flowdan- Dirty
9) RP Boo- The Opponent
10) British Sea Power- Machineries of Joy

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Leonards Owen
Jul 9, 2013 1:30pm

This is the only music site I've come across where the editor directly addresses a reader as a 'fuckhead'. Brilliant, I love it.

In regards to best track of the year, my top five would be:

1. Youth Lagoon - 'Mute'
2. These New Puritans - 'Organ Eternal'
3. Vampire Weekend - 'Ya Hey'
4. Dirty Beaches - 'Belgrade'
5. The Drones - 'I See Seaweed'

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Keep It In The Family
Jul 10, 2013 12:23am

Can you please take the photo of you three away from the front page? I'm sick to death of looking at Kevin Eldon, Neil the hippie and, most of all, fucking Portillo in his dinner jacket.

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Reggie P
Jul 10, 2013 8:06am

In reply to John Doran:

'you fuck head' that's a bit strong isn't it? Aren't you someone's father now?

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John Doran
Jul 10, 2013 12:17pm

In reply to Reggie P:

True, true, true. But I focus all my love, patience and serenity on the boy meaning I've got none left over for juddering cock hammers like you.

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Jul 10, 2013 4:40pm

bunch of lame ass white brits going gaga over bowie's half baked garbage. impossible to take them seriously

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Jul 10, 2013 9:37pm

Fascinating selections, as always. Loads I like. *Still* don't know how I'm sposed to feel about songs about niggas and bitches, but then I am a lame ass white brit, and I quite enjoyed Go Kart Mozart, so my moral compass isn't reliable. Not easy to pick the best New Puritans track is it?
Veronica Falls - If You Still Want Me

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John O'Reilly
Jul 23, 2013 10:26pm

Only one writer voted for a 'm b v' track??? Now I know in Quietus-world My Bloody Valentine could never hope to be as cool as Fuck Buttons, Suede, Cold Cave, or Vampire Weekend...combined, but this strikes me ever so slightly as Taking The Piss.

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Cap T
Jul 24, 2013 7:10am

As a proud member of an official Moscow Anti-UFO Monitor Club I salute this hilarious header picture!

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Aug 16, 2013 10:53am

I feel a bit depressed reading this. Of the stuff I have heard, there's a lot of really impressive and clever work listed here but the over-riding theme, in the things that people are drawn to, seems to be the music that reflects a passive alienation from society and nature. I'm hoping for a movement towards a less anxiety-obsessed music of the future.

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