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Low Culture Podcast: A Balearic Guernsey & The Best Of October

The Low Culture podcast is back with your tips for the month ahead, from Andor to a new Peter Strickland film and banging noise from Persher.

John and Luke are delaying putting the heating on as long as possible, with JDo sporting no less than two Guernsey jumpers, one of which he describes as “Balearic”. Can jumpers be Balearic? Find out in the new edition of the Low Culture podcast, recorded exclusively for our dear subscribers. They also discuss the greatness of My Disco, John feels his “inner Partridge rising” as he describes the chaotic bacchanal of the Pewsey Carnival and wheelbarrow race. Cultural picks this month include favourable reports for the new Star Wars series Andor, and Luke’s confession that in the absence of a Balearic Guernsey he’d not mind being kept warm by Anton Lesser. John spent a day watching a bunch of independent films, including The Triangle of Sadness, which features one of the most spectacular scenes of vomiting he’s ever encountered, Sick of Myself, which doesn’t contain any vomiting but is one of the most disturbing films he’s seen in ages, and a documentary about the death metal band Death. Best of all though John is full of beans for Flux Gourmet by Peter Strickland, perhaps tQ’s favourite film director of the twenty-first century. A satire of the experimental music and art world, John reckons it’s very close to home for staff and readers of tQ. The film is all sex, death, food and cookery with a wicked sense of humour that John reckons is “like David Cronenberg directing a Carry On film about performance art”. We end that bit of chat by working out that with their highly stylised filmmaking, but entirely different results, Peter Strickland is Sea Power to Wes Anderson’s Public Service Broadcasting. Music-wise, we are full of praise for Persher, the new and noisy, metal-adjacent project by producers Blawan and Pariah. The Quietus Low Culture podcast is produced by Alannah Chance. To listen, you’ll need to subscribe to be a Quietus Low Culture or Sound & Vision subscriber via the Steady checkout below. This podcast is just one of a host of perks including monthly playlists of all the music we’re covering on the site, a bonus long-form Low Culture essay and the Organic Intelligence newsletter deep dive into genres you’ve barely heard of, from Scandinavian Balearic to the Swiss 80s underground. Sound & Vision subscribers also get an exclusive music release every month, commissioned by us.

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