The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Dirty Shirt Rock'n'Roll

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion? Well, it’s all kinda …

… Thangyuh ver’ much an’ ladeez’n’gennulmen and now I got to tell you ’bout the fabulous, most groovy Blues Explosion! Urgh! The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion! Urgh! Yay-uh! Urgh! You know they make me wanna dance! And you know why? Urgh! I said, "You wanna know why, people?" Dang! Here’s why and Lord have mercy, oh yeah, Lord have mercy on mah burning soul, yay-uh..!

Funk it fuck it baby groove it, shake your tail feather, yay-uh! Steamin’ hot pipin’ rock’n’roll shit oh Lord yeah so get your feet on the floor and your peachy clean ass off the muthafuckin’ john – the blues is Number 1! Ya hear? The blues is Number 1! Urgh! Yeah! The Blooooooooze Explosion… James Brown get down hear Russell Simins get wicked, oh yay-uh! Mick, Keef, Brian, Bill and Charlie, Mick Keef, the other Mick, Bill and Charlie but crucially NOT Mick, Keef, Charlie and Ronnie, you know what I’m saying? You dig? Well do ya, punk?! D’ya dig? D’ya dig it deep? Urgh! Yeah! Fuck Shit Up! Shake ’em On Down’! You shakin’ baby? Shake it one time for me! The Bloooooooze Explosion!

Chicken wire cheese wire light your fire let those strings bend and scrape! Urgh! Urgh! Hit me one more time! Wail! You you you gotta help me… WAIL!!! WAIL!!! Fuck… FUck… FUCK!!! Judah Bauer feel the power feel the power of those Magical Colours and the colour we love best is the blues… the Blooooooze Explosion! Yay-uh! Yay-uh! See Maceo do the Ubangi Stomp as those horny horns stroll at midnight in their blue suede shoes… urgh! Yay-uh!

Floor the pedal… hit it! Yeah! Hit it and stomp that shit down ‘cos they wanna Talk About Blues… you listening? Who cares? You should! They’re talking about the blues! The Bloooooooze Explosion! John Lee Jeffrey Lee Bruce fuckin’ Lee, she said – urgh! Leave me alone so I can rock again or d’ya wanna talk about the blues? The Blues! The Blooooooze Explosion!

Yeah, it kinda goes like that… now wipe your fuckin’ ass and strut it one more time for daddy, oh yeah…

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