Supersonic 2012: Goat & World Music – Q&A

Goat’s debut album World Music was one of our favourites of this summer. Here, the band mix together a bewitching stew of "Afrobeat, Latin disco, post punk, kraut drone and rampant acid rock. It’s as if Spacemen 3 ate Funkadelic’s Maggot Brain and a random Fela Kuti album". We discuss what’s in store for lucky punters to this year’s Supersonic festival, where they are playing live.

You lived in a commune in Korpilombobo, Sweden. What was commune life like? How did that lifestyle inform the music you make?

Goat: A blissful, easeful & peaceful existence. At times transcendental. 24/7 beneficial activities, nudity and worship of the GREAT one. Invocations, prayers and total rejoice! The love of death and awaiting the return of the horned one…

The album has got some rave reviews in the UK. How’s it going? Has anything changed for the band since the album was released?

G: Yeah I know, it has been humbling. Hard to even grasp for us I think. But it is doing really good as far as I know. And we are very grateful for this opportunity to spread the gospel of the Goat. Other than that not a thing has changed for the band. We are all still broke.

A mood of intrigue and downright weirdness surrounds Goat – will your cover be blown when you play live? How can you retain that air of mystery when you face the public?

G: Ha ha, OK. Then I dare to say that it will not be blown. It would be impossible to feature all the Goat members on this tour, there are far too many of us. All members will never be seen together, at least not performing at the same time at the same location. About retaining the mystery, I have no idea. I think we’ll just try to give people a good show.

Sonically, how does the Goat live experience differ from what we hear on the record?

G: I´d say that it might sound a little bit more rough and unpolished. I suppose it will be a bit louder as well.

Given that you openly dabble in Voodoo worship, will you be engaging in any black magic or bizarre rituals on stage?

G: Only the harvesting of the souls of those attending the worship/live ritual.

The goat is the animal of choice for ritual slaughter. Will any real live goats be harmed in the name of entertainment?

G: Haha, is it? By whom? I don’t know what to say really. I kind of don’t like to partake in violence of any kind, if possible even less so in the name of entertainment.

Who would headline your dream festival?

G: Alexander Spence + Black Sabbath, Brainticket + Alice Coltrane. But if Holger Czukay and Geezer Butler had a son it would be him instead. Just him playing bass for a couple of days. Maybe together with a solid drummer for the last day or so.

Are there any bands on the bill for Supersonic that you are looking forward to seeing?

G: Hookworms, Merzbow, Ufomammut and probably loads of other good acts I have not heard before. Cheers!

Supersonic 2012 runs from Oct 19 – 21, at the Custard Factory, Birmingham. More details here

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