Ozzy Osbourne To Duet With Lady Gaga & Macca?

Black Sabbath man proclaims star "fuckin' interesting"

Ozzy Osbourne has told us that he would love to collaborate with Lady Gaga and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney. Given that Osbourne’s only UK Number One single to date was a cover of Black Sabbath’s ‘Changes’, recorded with your daughter Kelly in 2003, would you ever record a duet with a current artist such as Lady Gaga? "Lady Gaga is very, very interesting. I would be up for that," Osbourne told our man Joel McIver.

"But if I did something like that, my girls would fucking kill me: they’d be like, ‘Why don’t you do a song with us?’. If the song was right, of course [I’d do it]. You know what I like about her? She’s fuckin’ interesting. She looks a bit special: that’s what the music business should be about."

As you’re a huge Beatles fan, what about a duet with McCartney?

"I would love to. If he phoned right now, I’d drop everything and be on the next plane." Reckon Macca would be up for it? "Nah… he doesn’t fucking… he wouldn’t do it. My son [Jack] is doing a documentary about me and my life, and he said ‘What about getting Paul McCartney?’ and I said, ‘No, he wouldn’t fucking be interviewed about me’ and he said ‘I’ve asked him, and he said he would’ and I was like ‘What?’ I think the man’s fucking great. When you see him play live, you go ‘Fucking hell!’"

What is it about the Beatles that you admire so much?

The Beatles were the only band to start off like New Kids On The Block and end up like Pink Floyd. I don’t think there’s any other band who have done that. People ask me how many albums I’ve got left and I say, ‘I haven’t done my Sgt. Pepper yet’. That album was fucking phenomenal.


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