WATCH: Nicky Wire British Masters

Ninth instalment of tQ editor John Doran's Noisey series sees him talking to the Manic Street Preachers man

Noisey have just posted the ninth episode of their British Masters video interviews series, which sees the Quietus’ John Doran talking to Nicky Wire of the Manic Street Preachers – have a watch above.

They cover the band’s soon-to-be-released new album Rewind The Film, which will be followed by another record, Futurology, with release dates yet to be confirmed. Wire has described the latter as being influenced by their 1994 landmark album The Holy Bible, of which, he says, "It’s why we have a problem playing songs live off [that album] because it’s a complete state of mind. You have to be so well-drilled, you literally have to hate your audience, you have to hate everyone. You’ve only got to look at a performance like Glastonbury ’94 if you want to see a band that is nothing but pure hatred for everything around them."

As well as covering a particularly thorny episode during a stop in Thailand in 1994 and their Top Of The Pops performance featuring frontman James Dean Bradfield wearing a balaclava with his name written on in Tipp-Ex, they also talk about Saturday morning TV – "I feel so bad for my children, because all they’ve got are ugly, moralising chefs, who I fucking despise, telling me how to eat" – and why they recently performed on New Zealand X Factor: "Well I think if you’ve got something to say in your songs, a lot of bands who won’t do that are literally talking about nothing, which is bizarre, isn’t it? They feel they can just get away with banging a fucking floor tom at the front of the stage, going ‘woah, woah’, and that’s alright, and nice as a song for an advert… it just doesn’t add up, does it?"

Head over to Noisey’s YouTube channel to watch the series in full.

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