Pixies For Surfer Rosa & Come On Pilgrim Shows?

Black Francis says shows could happen - if promoters are interested

Pixies frontman Black Francis has said that the band could put on shows playing material from their early records Come On Pilgrim and Surfer Rosa – but only if promoters make it happen.

Speaking to The Quietus about his new solo album NonStopErotik, Francis said he would be interested in performing more shows like last year’s Don’t Look Back gig, where the Pixies showcased material from their classic album Doolittle.

"That would be nice," he said when asked if he’d like to play shows using material from Surfer Rosa and Come On Pilgrim. "Sure."

He added: "Whatever will happen…if people really wanna know what’s gonna happen with the Pixies, they need to talk to promoters and agents. That’s where the business is right now – in the live market. And they’re the ones that decide all this shit. So whatever is going to happen – whether they tell us directly or in an indirect way because they feel like they have to manipulate us – they’re the ones who know.

"We’re interested in anything that’s going to earn us a fair wage. It’s not to say it’s not about art, but we made that art fucking twenty years ago. So forget the fucking goddamn art. This ain’t about the art anymore. I did the arty farty part. Now it’s time to talk about the money. How much do you think we should sell the tickets for? Where do you think we should play? How many shows do you think we should play?"

When it was suggested that the band seemed to be edging closer to recording new material, he answered: "That’s your observation that it can, so maybe you’re right.

"It’s not my decision, but I’d like it too. Of course I would. Do I seem like I’ve said anything in the past different? The more I talk about it with guys like you the less likely it is to happen."

Check back at The Quietus soon for an interview with Black Francis…

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