Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

I already loved Bowie anyway, when this came out, Ziggy Stardust and The Man Who Sold The World and all the rest of it. And I loved Eno through the Roxy Music stuff. It was just completely out there for me. Just for the fact that some of the tracks don’t have lyrics but they use their voices as sounds, like Dada. He takes a lot from Dada does Bowie, all the cut ups stuff, and all that oblique strategies stuff too.

I just loved the atmosphere of it. It’s so dark. Les [Pattinson] played ‘Warszawa’ to his dad once and asked him what he thought of it, and his dad said, “It reminds me of the Germans bombing Poland. Poland, burning.” Which was weird.

Are you a side one or side two person?

Side two. I’ve got the music book of this record somewhere. The score is almost like a pattern. It’s not all over the place like you would see with other music scores, it’s very regimented. I had to have one Bowie record. A love of Bowie and the Velvets is one of the few things me and Mac wholly agree on!

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