Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

1. RadioheadKid A

I must have been 11 or 12. It was the Limewire days and I was downloading music based off of the artwork. If I liked the artwork, I downloaded it. It’s funny, I thought it had to do with Dragon Ball Z, because the title was Kid 17, and the Dragon Ball Z character [a child called 17] was an android.

It was the most bizarre experience because this wasn’t the original album. Whoever did this bootlegged version basically made every track loop on top of each other until it ended. The song would start and the song would start on itself and then would just compile into this cacophonous mess. But I absolutely loved listening to that first time. It was a very psychedelic, mind-expanding experience. So I fell in love with it and was showing people and for three years, it was just that record. 

I was in Nigeria at that time and moved back to the UK three years later and showed somebody. They were like, ‘That’s not the original record.’ I listened to the original and still fell in love with it. That was very important because [beforehand] I was listening to pop, standard hip hop music; that was my first foray into something experimental and it really piqued my interest. 

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