Baker's Dozen

Artists discuss the 13 records that shaped their lives

9. Gazelle TwinUnflesh

I saw here that video with Gazelle Twin where she’s wearing the blue tracksuit and the mask, and it was a sound that I’d never heard before. It was very powerful electronic music but with her own take on it, and then the performative angle as well with her mask and the tracksuit and taking on this different persona, I found that really engaging. Again, when you hear something and you just have to listen to it over and over again, that’s how it felt with Gazelle Twin.

She performed in 2015 and then also in 2018 when she had her next album Pastoral and wanted to try that out in a live setting. She’d moved away from the tracksuits and that particular way of performing. She had a new costume and a new set and she wanted to premiere that at Supersonic to try it out.

I picked this less because of the record and more because of the artist. With what I’ve chosen, the records are the thing that kind of hook me in the first instance, but then it’s the live performative element where I’m listening and watching with my Supersonic head on. I’m thinking about myself as a fan and as an audience member and what would my audience feel excited about? If I feel excited about it, like we’ve just talked about, then I want other people to share in that and discover this new music.

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