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Baker's Dozen

Drumroll Please: Jim White's Baker's Dozen
Julian Marszalek , March 20th, 2024 14:22

From hearing a drumroll so good he dropped out of university, to the links between Iggy Pop and Lana Del Rey, the much-lauded percussionist Jim White speaks to Julian Marszalek about the 13 albums he loves the most


Nico – Desertshore

I heard this for the first time just a few years ago. I was driving in Arizona to visit a friend and a big storm blew up as I went over a small mountain as ‘Janitor Of Lunacy’ came on. I'd been listening to Chelsea Girls and I liked that a lot. But I'm very slow with records and I've still never heard The Marble Index. It's like ‘Black Woman’ where I listened to just that one song for 10 years, and then moved on to another song by Sonny Sharrock. But it kind of shocked me a little bit, how Nico's presented in the culture. It seems like she's made many great albums but I’m not sure she’s held up that way, you know?