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Baker's Dozen

Drumroll Please: Jim White's Baker's Dozen
Julian Marszalek , March 20th, 2024 14:22

From hearing a drumroll so good he dropped out of university, to the links between Iggy Pop and Lana Del Rey, the much-lauded percussionist Jim White speaks to Julian Marszalek about the 13 albums he loves the most


Sonny Sharrock – Black Woman

Warren Ellis first put me on to this. I find it so beautiful. It's a bit abstract but it's not abstract, you know what I mean? It's deep and there are a lot of levels to it – you can let it wash over you or you can go right into it. It kind of has everything. Is it primal screaming he’s doing? I just think it's incredibly beautiful.

I listened to just the title track for many years. I first had it on mp3 and then I eventually got the album and got obsessed with ‘Portrait Of Linda In Three Colours, All Black’. I met the drummer Milford Graves along the way and I asked him if he played any shows of this with Sonny Sharrock and he said, ‘No’. They went to play and he asked Sonny Sharrock to turn down because he was so loud. He said that after that, Sonny Sharrock never turned up again.