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Baker's Dozen

Drumroll Please: Jim White's Baker's Dozen
Julian Marszalek , March 20th, 2024 14:22

From hearing a drumroll so good he dropped out of university, to the links between Iggy Pop and Lana Del Rey, the much-lauded percussionist Jim White speaks to Julian Marszalek about the 13 albums he loves the most


Sick Things – Dark

I bought this on cassette from a record store counter from [Sick Things member and then guitarist with The Dirty Three] Mick Turner before I knew him. I knew his playing from Fungus Brains. I’d heard about this band, Sick Things, but I never got to see them play because they broke up on the day I went to see them and they didn’t turn up. When I went down and bought the cassette, I found out later that he just put them there. They were about $5 and he’d made the cover and it’s a really great record. And that’s when I first heard Dugald Mckenzie and then I eventually managed to form Venom P. Stinger with them. Mick and I became friends over Laughing Clowns. I went over to his house to hear the record and I went over there to tape it. That was the first time we hung out.