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Baker's Dozen

A World Where Everything Is Cool: Joel Gion's Baker’s Dozen
Harry Sword , February 7th, 2024 10:41

From carrying a Marvin Gaye cassette in his pocket to reciting the entirety of Easy Rider, and the glory of Psychedelic Brazil to the real Beatles, Joel Gion of the Brian Jonestown Massacre talks to Harry Sword about the 13 records that mean the most to him.


Verve – A Storm In Heaven

It’s more like space rock. Later they got kinda lumped in with Britpop, but people who knew what was up didn’t ever label them as that. I saw them at the time in San Fransisco. Richard Ashcroft comes out and he’s got long hair and no shoes on and he’s pulling all these shapes. It was like this mystical shamanic thing and me and all my friends in the Bay Area scene were like, jaws on the floor, ‘holy shit, this is the fucking dude’.

You put on this record at seven in the morning, the sun’s up and you’ve been going all night and you can really transcend – that first chord, bhhhhhhaaang. The electric curtain is rising, the whole world that they’ve created…you’re in it and you don’t want to get away from it. The guitar work on that record is like this giant fucking wave, it’s insane.