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tQ's Exclusive Monthly Round-Up Playlist: January 2024
Patrick Clarke , February 1st, 2024 15:38

Here's a playlist of everything we've covered at The Quietus this month, compiled for the listening pleasure of tQ's subscribers

Photo by Maria Jefferis

As part of your many, many perks for becoming a Quietus subscriber, we're compiling a specially-curated, playlist for our readers every month.

Across more than three hours of music, you'll find pure evisceration from Lord Spikeheart and Polevaulter, rising stars like Feeo and Blue Bendy, flat-out bangers from Batu and Pet Shop Boys the best of the world's experimental fringes, plus the picks of our psych, punk, tapes and Rum music columns and more!

On top of all that, don't forget that as a subscriber you also get links to our regular specially curated 'Organic Intelligence' playlists, exploring the weirdest and most wonderful musical niches, from the Swiss underground to Latvian Cosmic Pop!

In order to listen to the playlists, you'll need the link - you can become a Quietus Low Culture or Sound & Vision tier subscriber here. And FYI, the playlist is but one of the perks you could receive as a Quietus Subscriber. Our latest Low Culture podcast features John Doran and Luke Turner on Nico's Marble Index and is live now, as are heaps of exclusive releases for our Sound & Vision tier members from Reigns, Sealionwoman, UKAEA, John Foxx and more, exclusive essays on the likes of 90s skate VHS soundtracks, The Harrods Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed statue, Yé-Yé, Feltham Sings, The Flashman Papers and more. More is being announced very soon indeed, and rest assured it's not to be missed. Access your playlists below the Steady paywall here:

You can access the playlist on Spotify here.

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