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UKAEA Release New Album And Video
John Doran , January 19th, 2024 13:58

The LP 'Birds Catching Fire In The Sky' is backed by a visual for album cut 'La Stessa Croce'

UKAEA have fully released their new album, Birds Catching Fire In The Sky, together with a video for the LP cut 'La Stessa Croce'.

The visual for the song, featuring Silvia Konstance of Barcelona-based underground arts collective Màgia Roja, was made by artist Thomas Blackburn. You can watch it above.

The album is a cracker – so good in fact, that it momentarily tore apart the main constituents of the space time continuum, causing it to slip backwards in time and end up in tQ's Albums Of The Year chart... last December before it had even been released. (Usually I'd sack the person responsible for the error but as it was me, I think I'll just have a donut instead.)

Birds Catching Fire In The Sky comes from a solid hardcore rave background but has expanded persuasively outwards from its gabber homelands into noise, avant pop and industrial in the search for dance floor transcendence. Expansive though it is, modular donk livewire Dan Jones has further cooked down the essence of what he does: an organic/electronic response to the emotional and intellectual stresses of geopolitics in 2023, mixing various strains of hardcore, with deep, often long-running collaborations with musicians from across the world, featuring stunning turns from Agathe Max (Abstract Concrete), Dali De Saint Paul (EP/64), Deyar Yasin, Marion Andrau (Melting Hand), Conny Prantera (The Seer) and Kaya Moore.

You can catch UKAEA live at London's Corsica Studios for an album launch show on Wednesday (January 24), where Harrga and tQ's John Doran will also play. Tickets, priced at £12, are availablehere.

Birds Catching Fire In The Sky is out now on The state51 Conspiracy.