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The KLF Launch 'KLF Kare', Share New Tony Thorpe Track
Patrick Clarke , November 24th, 2023 12:58

The KLF have gone into the business of care homes, according to a new statement

Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty, aka The KLF, have launched a new project called KLF Kare, where they offer to "provide branding solutions to independently owned care homes".

This comes along with a new piece of music by Tony 'FUUK' Thorpe, a 'premix' of Harry Nilsson's 'Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me' featuring Ricardo Da Force. You can hear it in full here.

Thorpe previously worked with The KLF/JAMs as part of "in-house" remixers The Moody Boys, with their versions of hit singles like '3.a.m. Eternal' and 'Last Train To Trancentral' released as separate 12" records. He's also credited as an "additional performer" on the KLF's The White Room album. Da Force, who rapped on a number of KLF tracks, died in 2013.

Thorpe is described as the winner of the first ever 'Kareovision Kristmas Song Kontest', which is a competition for over-65s who are also residents in KLF Kare homes. In the plot of The KLF's 2017 book 2023: A Trilogy, the same song becomes the Christmas number one for 2023.

The news came on the same day that Drummond and Cauty held the latest laying of bricks for 'The People's Pyramid', each of which contain the ashes of a person's cremated remains. Events included 'The Skool Of Death' at The Florrie in Toxteth, the procession of the pyramid across the Mersey on its foundation stone, and the After-Life Party at Birkenhead venue Future Yard.

The full statement outlining KLF Kare is as follows:

Are you older than you thought you would ever be?

But at heart...

Are you still an...

Indie Kid

or a...

Death Metal Head...

or a...

Punks not Deader...

or a...

Proper Head (Dead or not)

or just a...

Raver to the Grave?

If so...
You might want to know more about KLF KARE.*
KLF KARE may have the care home for you.
KLF KARE will take you where the sun keeps shining, through the pouring rain.
To find out more visit

And while visiting listen to...

Everybody’s Talkin’ At Me by Harry Nilsson (featuring Ricardo Da Force)

As in the ‘Live from the After-Life Party’ premix by Tony ‘FUUK’ Thorpe. It being the winner of the first ever Kareovision Kristmas Song Kontest.**

*KLF KARE is a multinational franchise that provides branding solutions for independently owned care homes.

**Kareovision Kristmas Song Kontest is a recorded song contest for the strictly over 65s who are also residents in KLF KARE homes. The songs they chose to record (or premix) can be of any genre from the 60s all the way through to the 90s and beyond. As you may guess Tony ‘FUUK’ Thorpe chose to go for the ‘Peak Nineties’ genre as defined by Andy Weatherall. 2023 was the inaugural year of the Kareovision Kristmas Song Kontest. Those that have read the novel 2023 by The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu, especially page 370, might have a better understanding (or not) of the above.

And remember don’t trip while attempting to catch that last train to Trancentral.