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William Doyle Details New Album, 'Springs Eternal'
Christian Eede , November 15th, 2023 13:20

The album's 11 tracks are written from the perspective of "hyperreality versions" of Doyle, according to the artist

William Doyle is releasing a new album, Springs Eternal.

Comprised of 11 tracks, it follows on from 2021's Great Spans Of Muddy Time. "Most of the songs are in the first-person, but rather than being autobiographical, I was trying to imagine hyperreality versions of myself," Doyle said in a statement about the new record. "What if decisions I made in my life had resulted in the self of each particular song? How many degrees of separation am I from those realities? It's a frightening thought, and frightening thoughts often make for good songs."

Springs Eternal is preceded by lead cut 'Relentless Melt', which you can listen to above. Speaking about the track, Doyle said: "The term 'time's relentless melt' struck me as a great phrase within Susan Sontag's essay 'On Photography'. Sontag writes of the ability for a photograph to freeze a moment in someone's life while also documenting the unrelenting movement of time itself. It was something I was thinking a lot about while making this album."

Tough Love will release Springs Eternal on February 16, 2024.