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Baker's Dozen

There's Always A Story: Martin Carthy's Favourite Music
Patrick Clarke , November 8th, 2023 10:32

Martin Carthy speaks to Patrick Clarke about his 13 favourite records, his love for the new wave of traditional musicians, encounters with Bob Dylan and The Beatles and more


Joseph Spence – Happy All The Time

Any of his tracks are these absolutely beautiful things. He’s just a completely, utterly wonderful guitar player. It was a friend of mine called Jody Stecher who’s a wonderful musician and the world’s biggest Joseph Spence fan, who went to visit him. He had a guitar with him and its tuning is perfect, but when Joseph Spence tried to play it he said, ‘Do you mind if I tune it?’ He tuned the guitar to what he had always heard as being perfectly in tune, started to play, and the music was just gorgeous. I never saw or met Joseph Spence, but I love his playing. I love the freedom of it, and the particular swing that it had. I’m not going to pretend I could ever play a Bahaman swing like that. Just a wonderful player with fabulous imagination.