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Bonnacons of Doom
Signs Laviea Thomas , November 3rd, 2023 10:55

Alternative music prodigy Bonnacons of Doom are back with a forward-thinking sophomore project

Returning five years after their self-titled debut album, experimental rock project Bonnacons of Doom are back with a stunning new project titled Signs. An atmospheric release exploring the impending doom of today’s incredibly digital world, throughout Signs the group take you on a journey of enchanting storytelling through eight pensive tracks.

Album opener ‘Facing’ is a slow but steady introduction, maximum on production and minimal in vocal delivery. Driven by distorted guitar licks, ‘Facing’ is a grungy track that very quickly sets the pace for the rest of the album. The first ten seconds are a build-up of anticipation as the group tease you with quiet warped guitar shreds.

‘Esus’ follows up, easing you in with calming sounds of waves crashing and gentle moans. There’s a lot of elements to love on this track. It’s got a dark and slightly cryptic energy to it, that is added by Kate Smith’s spell-binding vocals, that also serve as their own fascinating magnetic pull. A definite album stand-out to say the least.

‘Shore,’ is an ambient interval of lo-fi atmospheric sounds and is perfectly placed as the album midpoint. Although released as the shortest single on this project, ‘Shore’ is packed with an array of ambient textures and soundwaves. By the time you’ve reached this single, there’s an odd sensation of feeling a very necessary resting point, and that’s exactly what this is. ‘Shore’ replicates the feeling of taking a breath before beginning your next sentence.

Masked behind their mirror face coverings, Bonnacons of Doom have always been an interesting project to back. Their status has always been a high subject of discussion within the industry, as they continue to experiment with the values and testimonies of the meaning of ‘identity’ in today's chronically digital world. Since forming in 2017, their hidden identities has forced listeners to fully immerse themselves in their music.

Signs is a highly-anticipated project that follows after their five-track 2018 album Bonnacons of Doom. Whilst their short-but-sweet self-titled debut marked the blueprint of what would later to come, Signs continues as an extension of themselves, it’s a full-fleshed body of work and a closer look into their creative vision.

Signs is the perfect project to sink into if you want to dissolve into a whimsical world of hypnotic vocals and intricately placed chord progressions. Throughout this project the group effectively make you feel like you’re sinking into the void. There’s a claustrophobic element to this album, but despite this, you still don’t want to find your way out. It’s a truly enticing release that grips you from the first few seconds. A really great follow-up to an already very stunning predecessor.