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The Love Ting Denzil Bell , August 8th, 2023 09:12

Love is a brilliant thing and Essex by-way-of Tottenham rapper, Jordy, encapsulates all of its peaks and troughs with his latest EP, The Love Ting

Right from the beginning, Jordy’s debut release, the 2019 EP, Have a Good Summer, always had a delicate mix of hip-hop for the rap heads and more soul-filled swooners for the more chilled listener. Since then, he has kept up this formula for the true supporters. With his sixth project in five years, the Tottenham-born rapper has taken a sharp left into more of a dulcet R&B sound, away from his usual harsher and more lyrical rap lane. But it’s not like we haven’t seen this softer side dabbed here and there within his previous releases.

Songs like ‘Regular’, ‘Uber X’, & ‘MEDELLÍN’ showcase Jordy’s crooner side, seeing him singing about an awe-inspiring romance. For diehard Jordy fans, a whole tape of this may at first present a shock to the system. But once you delve into his latest offering, you realise this love ting ain’t so bad.

On this release, Jordy is like the head conductor, bringing in WSTRN’s Louis Rei on ‘TOO MUCH’; a radio-friendly hit speaking on his player escapades with ladies from all over the globe. Jordy also recruits up-and-coming singers JADA (for ‘JADA’S REPRISE’) and Kehina (for the outro ‘LIE DETECTOR) who truly shine with their honeycomb sweet vocals, as well as tapping his cousin Elt Cheekz, for the rhythmic romance anthem, ‘SHE LOVES ME’. 

In terms of sound, we find much more atmospheric sonics here than on previous Jordy records, layered with spirited piano keys and magnetic guitar licks, all of which go perfectly with that unexplainable feeling you get when you meet someone who gives you butterflies in your stomach.

On the outro, ‘LIE DETECTOR’, Jordy closes the release out with an introspective monologue. He’s more in his comfort zone here, but still as risky as living life itself, speaking on all his doubts about his rap career, but still keeping his faith strong through all the trials and tribulations. Which is warranted, as this step out into the unknown is very likely to be Jordy’s breakthrough.

All in all, The Love Ting sees Jordy explore the one thing that all of us can relate to – no matter the genre – and that’s love. Whether you’re in your city-boy-player mode, or looking for your summer of love, it’s something we’ve all felt or been through in one way or another. Whichever version of romance you’re currently going through, this mellow masterpiece is definitely something to take in and will most likely make you a fan of Jordy.