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Creation Rebel Unveil First Album In 40 Years
Christian Eede , July 26th, 2023 15:10

On-U Sound will release 'Hostile Environment' in October

UK reggae group Creation Rebel are set to release their first album in more than 40 years.

Titled Hostile Environment, the album touches on dub, R&B and funk, with its title a reference to the controversial immigration policy founded by former UK Prime Minister Theresa May when she was Home Secretary, as well as the related Windrush scandal. Creation Rebel were originally a backing group for reggae legend Prince Far I, but went on to separately perform live and put out a series of their own albums between 1978 and 1982. You can listen to Hostle Environment cuts 'Swiftly (The Right One)' (which features Prince Far I), 'Stonebridge Warrior' and 'That's More Like It' just below.

On-U Sound will release Hostile Environment on October 6, 2023.