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Baker's Dozen

Finding Thrills: Georgia's Favourite Albums
Jessica Wrigglesworth , July 26th, 2023 09:11

Georgia takes Jessica Wrigglesworth through the thirteen albums that shaped her life, from her love of Fever Ray, The Cure and Hudson Mohawke, to how Shuggie Otis inspired new album Euphoric


Fever Ray – Fever Ray

This is one of my favourite records of all time. I was a huge The Knife fan, and Olof and Karen [Dreijer] are people that I follow, I’m very fan girly. When Karen released this record, I was –I think we all were – mind blown. It just didn't sound like anything else, and that's quite hard to do in this modern era, where everything sounds like something else. This didn't sound like anything at all, just this kind of weird, dark, beautiful, light, electronic, I don't know how you'd even define it really… It had such an impact on me, and some of my friends as well. At the time I was at university and I was completely obsessed. I think they are a real artist that has created their own thing, they don't follow any of the trends. It doesn't seem like they're being dictated to, they're just following their own artistic decision. I don't really think there's many artists nowadays that are like that.