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Soft Cell Unveil Expanded Versions Of 2022 Album
Christian Eede , July 7th, 2023 15:06

They include extended versions of the original tracks on '*Happines Not Included', as well as a number of bonus cuts

Soft Cell are releasing two expanded versions of their 2022 album, *Happiness Not Included.

One of them, *Happiness now extended, is a limited edition double vinyl album, featuring longer versions of all 12 tracks from the original version. It will be restricted to 1000 copies only. The second release, Happiness now completed, will be available as a CD and features 10 brand new tracks by the duo in addition to unreleased mixes, remixes and single-only tracks.

""Marc [Almond] and I were really keen to use all the music we made during the *Happiness sessions," the duo's Dave Ball said in a statement. "Our original plan had been to make a 16-song album, but that turned out to be over an hour long, so we whittled it down to 12, and decided to save the other songs for a rainy day. It's now time to release them. We're already discussing the prospect of another Soft Cell album, so it's important to get these songs out now so we can start from scratch on more material."

Soft Cell released *Happiness Not Included in February 2022, and followed it with a live album, which came out in May of this year.

BMG will release Happiness now extended and Happiness now completed on July 28, 2023.