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Baker's Dozen

Licence To Sing: Afrodeutsche's Favourite Albums
Manu Ekanayake , June 27th, 2023 10:07

From a childhood spent dancing to Top Of The Pops, a complicated relationship with Michael Jackson and the tragic loss of her tape collection, Afrodeutsche takes Manu Ekanayake through the thirteen albums that changed her life


Michael Jackson – Bad

I remember buying a Bad t-shirt and it was XXL so it was massive on me, especially as a kid. But I remember this especially because my friend came to sleep over and my mum gave her my Bad T-shirt to wear as pyjamas. Then she spilt hot chocolate all over it. I was like 'Mum, don't be lending out my important clothes!' Because you know, chocolate... that's it, it's done. So I lost my Bad T-shirt to a terrible hot chocolate accident, which you can tell I'm still not over.

But the reality of it was that Michael Jackson was just such a massive superstar that I even wrote to him. Now this is where it gets awkward. I mean, I invited him to my birthday party! I gave the letter to my mum and then waited the entire birthday party for him to show up. I mean of course he didn't so I missed my entire birthday party. But this was the thing; I felt like I knew him. And that for me is such an odd thing to talk about now because I was a child. But I can't deny my experience of it. My whole relationship as a Michael Jackson fan is a torn one. It's a broken one, it's a disappointed one. Because we learned his dance moves, we dressed like him, we watched his videos endlessly. And then to find that it's all broken. It's heart-breaking you know? But I'll never forget those albums.