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Baker's Dozen

Licence To Sing: Afrodeutsche's Favourite Albums
Manu Ekanayake , June 27th, 2023 10:07

From a childhood spent dancing to Top Of The Pops, a complicated relationship with Michael Jackson and the tragic loss of her tape collection, Afrodeutsche takes Manu Ekanayake through the thirteen albums that changed her life


Missy Elliot – Supa Dupa Fly

Right we are re-introducing the girl band into my list here: let's welcome 702, everybody. Nobody talks about 702. They were amazing. 'Beep Me 911' was when electronic music was suddenly introduced to my sonic world. Timbaland changed everything for me. So we have Timbaland's sonics and then 'Beep Me 911' which is just the best track on that album. I don't care what anyone else says, I will sing it forever and I will play it after we finish this, actually. It's just that good. I was and remain a big, no, a huge fan. I couldn't wait until she was releasing something else. I want to say that she was like a Michael Jackson but she really wasn't. But suddenly I was obsessed with an artist again. She got into the the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame from this year and has got a lot of plaudits from universities for her contribution. I think this year when the world went, “Missy your contribution means so much.” I love you Missy Elliot, forever and ever, amen.