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Moni Jitchell
Unreal Laviea Thomas , May 25th, 2023 08:46

Blood, sweat and dirty riffs. Hardcore duo Moni Jitchell call to arms all noise rock lovers on their debut LP

Moni Jitchell’s music is a poetically constructed mess of organised chaos. An orchestra of screaming vocals, distorted riffs and hard-hitting drums, their brand-new LP is a call to arms to all noise rock fans. Hardly giving listeners a moment to catch their breath, Unreal is a concoction of six hard-hitting cuts, certified to make any hardcore fan blush with excitement.

Consisting of lead vocalist and drummer Grant Donaldson and twelve-string guitar and bass player David Scott, between the two of them Moni Jitchell are an unstoppable duo who fully submerge you into a disturbed world of feral math rock riffs and doom-inducing screamo. Unreal features colossal lead single ‘Hell of a Yeah’, an annihilating cut with candid lyrics and disturbed visuals. Throughout this track Moni Jitchell perfectly match the angst and edginess of their sound with dystopian AI generated visuals.

Opening the project with menacing single, ‘Waves’, is anything but a gentle introduction and, much like the following tracks ‘VL’ and ‘Hell of a Yeah’, is a short burst of full mania. Remaining songs ‘Sell Selfish’, ‘Old Currency’ and ‘Moni Jitchell Live at Hellfest’ are, however, longer cuts of the usual three-minutes-in-length format. You’ve heard of hardcore and you may have heard of slutcore, but I present to you the epitome of noisecore: Moni Jitchell. Stood as one of today’s most exhilarating progressive rock outfits in the UK right now, between the two of them Donaldson and Scott are changing the guidelines of alternative rock through an art rock gaze.

Screaming from the depths of their diaphragms whilst delivering the cleanest, and most insane guitar licks, each track on the LP is deliberately menacing in its own way. Collaborating with artist Sean Patrick Campbell and graphic designer Mitchell F Gillies, UNREAL was recorded by Ross McGowan in a studio in Glasgow and follows on from the duo’s five-track EP Clear

Completing the project with a live session recording at Hellfest, Moni Jitchell tease fans and listeners with the annihilating flair of their concerts. In just the first few seconds of Unreal, the duo catapult you into a hypothetical mosh pit of swinging fists, round kicks and furious headbangs. Soon to embark on a tour around the UK, it’s fair to say Moni Jitchell have an exciting summer ahead of them – and if they weren’t on your radar already, they certainly should be now.