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Róisín Murphy Details New Album, 'Hit Parade'
Christian Eede , May 18th, 2023 19:02

The album was co-produced with DJ Koze

Róisín Murphy will release a new album later this year.

Titled Hit Parade, the 13-track record was co-produced by Murphy and DJ Koze. The link-up between the pair came about after the former appeared on two tracks on Koze's 2018 album Knock Knock, with the two starting to work remotely on ideas for this new record soon after that initial collaboration. The record features the previously released single 'CooCool', as well as new cut 'The Universe', which you can watch a lyric video for above.

Speaking about the writing and recording process for Hit Parade in a statement, Murphy said: "The studio in this case was imaginary, in the airspace between Hamburg and London. That meant we were both in a personal, private place when working on the songs. For me, that brought out a more intimate approach to the songwriting, I told this album my secrets. For Koze, it meant total freedom and absolute focus without the distraction of my presence. He too took a deep dive into himself and I believe that's why the music is so vibrant and alive. It is just exploding with colour!

"It's a joyful record, I've never been happier. That is partly down to personal reasons but also in my work I've been very fulfilled. For me the record is about love and sensuality, but also it's about music itself and how it's always been there for me. There are tinges of darkness, of the abyss, as well as all the joy. There's contemplation of mortality which is meant to serve as reminder to me (and perhaps you the listener) to really live while we can."

Hit Parade follows on from Murphy's 2020 album Róisín Machine, which she recently brought to London's Royal Albert Hall for a live show. Read tQ's report on that gig here.

Ninja Tune will release Hit Parade on September 8, 2023.