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Baker's Dozen

Strength In Strangeness: The Anchoress' Favourite Albums
Elizabeth Aubrey , May 17th, 2023 09:12

Ahead of a show this Saturday at London's Southbank Centre, Catherine Anne Davies takes us through the 13 albums that have defined her life and work as The Anchoress, from childhood memories soundtracked by The Carpenters and lifechanging encounters with the Manics and PJ Harvey as a teen, to newfound infatuations with SZA and The 1975,


Talk Talk – Spirit Of Eden

I can’t exactly remember the first time I heard this or how I discovered it but it was one of those I would always find a copy of in the record exchange or charity shops. It was one of those records I thought I had already heard a lot, but I didn’t own it and again, it’s a record for me that provides a soundtrack to certain long, dark nights of the soul that then opened up to feel like something much more positive when I came at it from a different angle. It’s their most emotional and spirituality resonant album.

I was listening to it the other night, driving back from one of the tour dates and just feeling completely engulfed and wrapped in this beautiful soundscape. I think that’s what I love about Mark Hollis’ work, just its ability to emotionally shapeshift just depending on where your own headspace is at. I find it an immensely healing record and one that is full of power and possibility. I was listening to it a lot when I was making The Art Of Losing, and I think it definitely informed my approach to the segues and the soundscapes that are the really the spine of that record and inter-weave between the more traditional songs.