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Baker's Dozen

Shields Against The World: Mat Osman's Baker's Dozen
Luke Turner , May 10th, 2023 08:40

From growing up on The Carpenters to reconnecting with music in his "wilderness years" Suede bassist turned novelist Mat Osman takes Luke Turner through his Baker's Dozen of favourite recordings


The Hold Steady – ‘Stuck Between Stations’

They're the indie Springsteen, the indie E Street Band. I like what Craig Finn has done and I don't think people give him credit. In six or seven albums, he tells these short stories about a group of people in the Twin Cities, people in bands, doing drugs and having bad sex and falling out and writing. It's like the Marvel Universe for indie rock. I find it so immersive – I feel like I know the Twin Cities, the scene there, the clubs they go to, the people. I think he's a brilliant songwriter and lyricist who never reverts to rock speak, he actually talks about people and what they do. I think it's incredible. And I know all these things about these people just through his songs. There's a song about a boy and a girl meeting in the medical station of a festival, one has overdosed, the other has sunstroke, and they end up making out backstage. It’s just brilliantly done, a perfect short story in a musical form. I love him. I love the world he creates.