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Baker's Dozen

Shields Against The World: Mat Osman's Baker's Dozen
Luke Turner , May 10th, 2023 08:40

From growing up on The Carpenters to reconnecting with music in his "wilderness years" Suede bassist turned novelist Mat Osman takes Luke Turner through his Baker's Dozen of favourite recordings


World Of Twist – ‘Sons Of The Stage’
I very rarely DJ, but when I do I always play this and it always goes off. I'm not sure what the genre is. It feels a bit like Northern Soul, but it's got that slightly mardy Northern thing over the top. It’s almost like a novelty hit in the way it talks about itself, it basically says, ‘when this record is playing, it's all going off, the floor is an ocean’. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. It has everything I like about really upbeat music, it's really driving, it's relentless. There's lots of records on this list that I love for what they say but this I love for what it does, which is turns you into a physical being. One of the great pleasures of playing live again after lockdown was the physical sensation of playing live, the feel of the speakers and the floor shaking and people jumping up and down. This is one of those records that every time I hear it I wish I was in World Of Twist playing it. It’s a simple physical pleasure, that direct line to the chest.