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Magical Cuts: Anthony ‘Surgeon’ Child’s Favourite Music
Luke Turner , March 30th, 2023 07:45

With the new Surgeon album one of the highlights of 2023 so far, Anthony Child guides Luke Turner through a psychedelic journey that takes in The Cure, King Tubby, Sylvester and Alice Coltrane, and John Taverner’s quest for the sonic divine


The Friends of St. Francis – ‘The Man Who Turned On The World’

This is amazing and horrendous at the same time. It’s a cult record, as in a religious, weird Christian cult. I read about it in the book Divine Rascal about Michael Hollingshead, who was part of the early British and American psychedelic scene. He was obviously a terrible person, but the thing I loved is that there's debate about whether this song is actually about him. He used to carry a tape recorder around with him and kept playing it wherever he went and annoyed the shit out of everyone. I just love that there’s someone who says ‘this is my theme song!’ I thought that was the most amazing and annoying story so that’s why I picked it.