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Marta Salogni Reveals Collaborative LP With Tom Relleen
Christian Eede , March 24th, 2023 12:51

The pair recorded the album shortly before Relleen's death from cancer in 2020

Marta Salogni is releasing a collaborative record with the late Tom Relleen of Tomaga.

Music For Open Spaces was recorded by the pair shortly before Relleen's death from stomach cancer in 2020, at the age of 42. The 11 recordings featured across the album were inspired by various locations at which the duo were inspired to make music, such as the Joshua Tree desert, the Cornish coastline and their London home. You can listen to lead track 'Internal Logic II' just below.

In a statement about the album, Salogni said: "Tom and I started recording Music For Open Spaces during our travels to Joshua Tree, just at the edge of the desert. Other tracks were recorded while on a trip to Cornwall. We loaded the car with tape machines, a couple of synths and Tom's bass. When we arrived we set up a small studio in the living room of a rented house, facing the ocean. The last pieces were made in our familiar places, in London.

"All the tracks are mostly spontaneously improvised, influenced and inspired by the landscapes in which we were immersed at the time, those being both physical spaces and metaphysical ones, but always open. After Tom passed away, I finished this record on my own, carrying both of us in my heart. I have left these compositions unaltered, unmixed. Just as they were the last time we listened to them together. To me, these 'open spaces' are where Tom is now, unconstrained by form."

Salogni will celebrate her work with Relleen at a special event at London's Cafe OTO on May 29. Find more information here.

Hands In The Dark will release Music For Open Spaces on May 11, 2023.