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Baker's Dozen

Sleeper Hits: Weyes Blood’s Baker’s Dozen
Alex Rigotti , November 23rd, 2022 10:04

Weyes Blood speaks to Alex Rigotti about the thirteen albums that influenced her the most, from Robert Wyatt and Syd Barrett to Ween and XTC


John Cale – Paris 1919

I think it was just being a fan of The Velvet Underground and wanting to check out his solo music. I stayed with it because I felt like he had a similar thing that I had: a keen interest in classical music. It reflected in his songwriting. An understanding of the drone and more neoclassical elements. The drone is the bare minimum of music, you know? If we could reduce music down to its most elemental form, it is kind of like the note, the drone, the continuation of a sound.

You’ve previously spoken about your desire to work with John Cale – and now you have! How did that come about?

I interviewed John Cale for another publication and I guess he liked my answers and thought that I was really in tune with his career and stuff he had done before. So he checked my music out, liked it, and invited me to come by and sing. He kind of saw a young Nico in me or something. Really cool. He turned out to be a really nice person. He's funny, he's definitely very dry and makes jokes and likes to keep it really modern. He loves new music and modern styles.