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Soft Crash
Your Last Everything Agata Kik , November 1st, 2022 09:03

Debut collaboration from two heroes of the Italo body music scene, Phase Fatale and Pablo Bozzi

Smashing and swiftly slicing, Soft Crash cut loose everything that has accumulated over the last two years, since the beginning of their collaboration deep down in the dark underground club scene in Berlin. These two recognised Berghain residents, artists Phase Fatale and Pablo Bozzi are presenting their debut LP released on BITE, the label founded by Phase Fatale themselves. Your Last Everything is a lavish listen, an entrancing album engulfing the listener into the role of an active player, fighting across the space saturated with Italo Body Music beats.

The last bonus track titled ‘Soft Crash Angel’, included in the CD and digital versions, features the voice of French-Canadian electronic musician and producer Marie Davidson. The song is accompanied by 3D visuals created by Australian multimedia artist Jose Vigers, in which the free floating head of an android entity dissolves into a stardust-like ghostly sphere, while Davidson’s utterances convincingly convey the message: “I AIN’T NO ANGEL”. The affective female voice and the contrasting cold machine-like moans, carelessly carried together on metallic percussive rhythms, spawn seductive space for participation in pain and pleasure. The track itself feels like a race for the unpredictable becoming and spontaneous awakening in the new world.

Contrasting or rather bringing together technology and the body, Your Last Everything has particularly paced techno beats that respond directly to time intervals needed for the human body to perform specific moves and gestures. While most of the tracks on the album are furiously fast, they influence the heartbeat, energising and stimulating work in the synthetically awakened internal systems, only to push the listener onto the path of wild webs of cosmic contests served to a more-than-human audience. Full of disparities conveyed through sonic sculpturality, the record highlights inseparability within the nature of duality. Light and shady, gentle but growling, seductively fit and chemically animated, the album clothes the dystopian future into an arrestingly appealing outfit. The titles anticipate disaster and detachment from the known order, celebrating the new simulated reality and willingness to forget the current embodiment. Most of the beats, interweaving electro IDM bits, pose a direct invitation to put one’s physical presence on display, to manifest the otherness, to reveal revelatory change and to launch the new self.

The LP is visually completed with artwork by John Rohrer and a logo by Autopsia, which foregrounds an androgynous appearance or a ghostly shadow after a humiliated human being. While lost in the midst of a queerish quest for renewal in a technology-driven environment, Your Last Everything urges departure from oneself, an Arcadian abandon away from the ruined earth.