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Lawrence Sells Books, Writes Us Tips: Mozart Estate Frontman Sells His Collection
Luke Turner , October 29th, 2022 10:30

The man at the helm of Felt, Denim and Go-Kart Mozart unpacks his library for your delectation

Laurence by Laura Ghezzi

The pop star known now only as Lawrence is to hold a sale of some of his book collection next month and has written us a guide to some of the tomes on offer. The Big Broadway Market Booksale takes place on Thursday 3rd November at Donjon Books on Broadway Market in London, and fans are invited to come and meet Lawrence as he sells his wares: “Get a little piece of Lawrence,” the invite reads, “He won’t do selfies, he won’t shake your hand, he doesn’t do kissing on the cheek – but you can get a little piece of him!’

About the collection we are told that “All these books have been read and treasured and now superseded by mint editions – they are the origin copies he first bought – all are in ex condition and stamped with the unique Lawrence’s Library logo”.

At the sale Lawrence will also be releasing Lookin’ For Lawrence, described as “a folder packed with a series of clues as to who he actually is”. This is an edition of 500, with 150 signed and numbered, and contains a 7” single, 21” photo, A2 collage, Felt material, a photo zine “and a cardboard arrow for Christ sake!”. For more information please visit the Lawrence website.

Frank Habicht – Young London: Permissive Paradise
(George G Harrap & CO.,1969)

There are so many great photos of London and the people of London. In my opinion the best were all taken in the 60s. Just look at Bailey and the boys. My personal favourites are by guys who came over here in search of something so special. Guys from foreign lands with  a unique vision. Like Juergen Seuss who made the great London Pop Gesehen. The text sadly is in German but the photos talk to everyone. Then there is London by Gian Butturini – one of the rarest ever photo books of the city. A fanciful delight with dark shadings! And of course Young London: Permissive Paradise by Frank Habicht. Look closely and you will find a boyish Ron Wood walking his dog amongst the usual array of mini-skirted dolly birds and Portobello Road market stalls. I tip my hat to you guys.

Richard Neville & Julie Clarke – Bad Blood: The Life and Crimes of Charles Sobhraj
(MacMillan, 1979)

I really want to bring this incredible paperback to your attention. On the booksale blurb I wrote, ‘After I left school I began to read seriously – this was the first book I read on that journey. It hit me so hard. I realised my schooling had finally begun! It was pure luck that I found this masterpiece and it began a lifelong admiration for Richard Neville – the guy from 60s mag Oz! And a lifelong admiration for people with bad blood running through their veins!’ Charles Sobhraj is a master criminal – a lothario – a casanova – an escapologist – a drugs runner – and most of all a ruthless murderer stalking flower children across the high stony passes of Afghanistan. If your taste runs to the works and deeds of perfectly wicked villains then you must buy this book!!

Ernö Goldfinger – Works 1
(Architectural Association, 1983)

This book is published by the very collectable AA – Architectural Association. I expect a stampede for this one at my book sale. It features Ernö’s great essays like: Urbanism and Spatial Order and Elements of Enclosed Space. It includes flat plans for his bizarre concrete towers. And there’s an array of modern terraced housing in places like Abbots Langley. Alongside there are photos of the great man through the ages, from a youngster to an old gentleman. Always smart and composed, this guy put his money where his mouth was and took a flat in the imposing Balfron Tower in Poplar. He lived there overlooking the docks on the Thames. And then there was James Bond!

Charles Hamlet – Generation X
(Tandem Books, 1964)

Young people in their own words talking about parents, money, politics, sex, God and living for kicks. It’s a game-changer. A brand new idea. Let the young people talk for themselves. They say things like: ‘Religion is for old people who have given up on living.’ But mainly they say incisive, compelling, absorbing things that make you think and smile and sit up! The authors interview kids over a period of a year and written contributions came via an advert in the Observer newspaper. There’s a borstal boy, a public schoolboy, a mod, a rocker, female students and debs, a huge cross-section of girls and boys. They’re found in coffee shops, youth clubs, straw hats in Harrow and the beaches of Margate and Brighton. It’s all here and it all happened in 1964!

Richard Allen books

Published by the great New English Library imprint, from Burroughs to Hells Angels bike boys these sold in the high street and in suburban newsagents up and down the country. Millions of paperbacks were sold, especially the Skinhead books. The stories of Joe Hawkins gripped the teenage nation. They poked out of every Levi’s back pocket and Crombie overcoat. I didn’t buy any at the time. I was reading A Clockwork Orange and 1984. I started to collect them when I moved to London aged 29, doing it all upside down and back to front as usual. The covers are classic – the photos of the kids – too much. That’s why I bought them. I confess I haven’t read a word of any of them! For collecting only.