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Vladislav Delay Details New Album As Ripatti Deluxe
Christian Eede , August 31st, 2022 11:06

The Finnish artist's new alias will oversee the first release on his new label, Rajaton

Vladislav Delay has shared details of the first release from a new alias, ripatti deluxe.

The moniker takes its name partially from the Finnish producer's real name Sasu Ripatti, and the new album, speed demon, will also inaugurate his new label, Rajaton, which translates to Finnish as 'boundless'. Above, you can watch a video for the lead track from speed demon, 'tambourine love hat'.

In a statement about the label, which will also put out two 10-inch EPs by Ripatti in 2023, the artist said he decided to start Rajaton "during the deep end of the pandemic, basically when I hit the rock bottom with a loss of work and no real good overview of the future. It felt like a right counterpoint or reaction to what was going on. It also felt like a necessity in my situation, being ready and also willing to take more responsibility and control over my catalogue going forward."

Speaking about speed demon, he added: "The album is about time and our concept to it, awareness of it, slavery to it, greed, and so on. Observing the world from a farmer's village pretty far away from everything and probably stuck in some other time of sorts, I can't help but feel and notice the rush and speed, push and grind, faster pace and push for more results – all that is evident in the world around me via news or when travelling.

"Personally I've gravitated towards the opposite direction which emphasises further the sometimes exhilarating and sometimes extremely exhausting effect of speed. The theme has been on my mind quite a bit during the past years, the value of time and how to use it. I randomly stumbled upon some early rave stuff, happy hardcore and other stuff I'd never really heard before, and now I started to hear that stuff through tons of effects, looped and turned upside down. I thought it sounded really inspiring and interesting, and, after that, things just started rolling naturally."

The launch of Rajaton comes amid a fruitful period for Ripatti, who last month released the Vladislav Delay album Isoviha via Planet Mu, and reissued another record under the same alias, 2001's Anima, at the start of this year. He also last year released an album as Ripatti, also via Planet Mu, called Fun Is Not A Straight Line, and another Vladislav Delay LP, Rakka II, through Cosmo Rhythmatic.

Rajaton will release speed demon on October 28, 2022.