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One In Five UK Nightclubs Have Shut Since 2019, Says NTIA
Christian Eede , August 2nd, 2022 17:51

The worst hit areas are the Midlands and the North, according to the Night Time Industries Assocation's report

Almost one in five UK nightclubs have closed since December 2019, according to a new report shared by the Night Time Industries Association (NTIA).

Citing research by the CGA, an organisation which focuses on analysing data from the hospitality sector, just 1,130 nightclubs remain open in the UK, a 22 percent drop from the 1,446 clubs that were open in December 2019, and an ever greater decrease from the 1,924 venues that were in business in December 2014. The Midlands and the North have been worst hit, according to the CGA information.

The NTIA's own report on the data points to the COVID-19 pandemic and a deepening cost of living crisis as reasons for the closures, pointing particularly to increases in rental charges, energy bills, insurance premiums and product costs as problems for venue owners. With many of these issues also affecting the average clubber, promoters and club owners have been reporting a drop-off in ticket sales and lower attendances at events this year.

"The government needs to recognise the economic, cultural and community value of clubs and the wider night-time economy," said NTIA CEO Michael Kill. "We must protect these businesses, using every means possible, and recognise their importance before it's too late."

In June, the NTIA also issued a warning to the UK government about the impact of rising inflation on the nightlife industry following a survey of 200 member businesses.

One London club, Space 289, recently closed due to increased rental costs. "It's not possible for us to generate enough income to survive such high rents," the venue said in a statement last month.