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Clark To Reissue 'Body Riddle' LP With Unreleased Material
Christian Eede , July 13th, 2022 18:10

The double-CD collection, which will be released by Warp, focuses on the UK artist's output from 2005 through to 2010

Clark's 2006 album Body Riddle is to be reissued as part of a new double-CD set.

Due out through Warp Records in September, the release includes the full remastered album, as well as a collection of unreleased material and rarities, collectively titled 05-10. Both the remastered version of Body Riddle and 05-10 will be issued separately on vinyl, in addition to the collective double-CD release, Body Double. You can listen to 05-10 cut 'Dead Shark Eyes' just below.

Another of the tracks on 05-10 is an alternate, improvised version of Body Riddle track 'Herr Bar', by Clark and fellow Warp act Broadcast, which had only been available as a download on Clark's website until now. In a reflective statement about the production of Body Riddle, Clark said of Broadcast: "They lived about 10 minutes from me. I borrowed James Cargill's drum kit and some mics of his, and all of the drums on that album are his old drum kit. There were some jams that me and James had, there's one at the end of 'Roulette Thrift Run' which is basically just him on guitar and me plundering away on some drums, and I just pitched it up. Broadcast weren't really in my circle of friends at the time, but going to their place was sort of like a holiday from my normal social life, and I just loved it."

Speaking more widely about the reissue of the album, he added: "I feel really good about it, it's interesting hearing it again. It seems to be an album that meant a lot to some people, but for me it is just another album of mine. It is a bit of a blueprint for how things have gone with my music since then, because it's just so dynamic and all over the place and messy, but intentional, and the mess feels deliberate and the accidents feel illuminating and exciting, and that's a spirit that I think I always want to capture in music."

Warp Records will release Body Double on September 30, 2022.