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Deep Space 13: Stephen Mallinder's Favourite Soundtracks
Sean Kitching , July 13th, 2022 09:30

Sean Kitching speaks to Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire and Wrangler about 13 of his favourite science fiction, horror and fantasty film soundtracks


Ron Frangipane, Don Cherry & Alejandro Jodorowsky – Holy Mountain

Jodorowsky did lots of the score himself. It’s actually the Jodorowsky stuff that I quite like. Also, we should point out that Jodorowsky was originally going to make Dune. That is a film I would love to have seen. I think it was just the surreality of this film and the madness of some of Jodorowsky’s actual scoring for it. And also, I included it because there’s one track that I still occasionally put in mixes and mix tapes — that great track ‘The Fuck Machine’. It’s always good to put a mix tape in that’s got a track called ‘The Fuck Machine’. My juvenile sense of humour I suppose. I first saw it maybe 25 years ago. It had that same kind of impact as a weird Bunuel surrealist sort of film. Also it had something of Satyricon about it, which gave it this kind of quasi-religious vibe — and that end scene on the mountain, is just so trippy. I just love the idea of Jodorowsky shoehorning his own mad music into his own mad film.