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Deep Space 13: Stephen Mallinder's Favourite Soundtracks
Sean Kitching , July 13th, 2022 09:30

Sean Kitching speaks to Stephen Mallinder of Cabaret Voltaire and Wrangler about 13 of his favourite science fiction, horror and fantasty film soundtracks


Goblin – Suspiria

The theme for Suspiria is probably my favourite cinema-connected piece of music, I love it. It’s just an incredible piece of music, that whole electronic prog kind of feel, the Italian giallo film feel, all that kind of pulp cinema as well. Goblin are awesome. I think if you’re going to do soundtracks, you’ve got to have Goblin in there really. I was saying earlier that I probably couldn’t sit and forensically work out a soundtrack to individual scenes. I don’t think they did either. I think they just went for it, there’s your music for that bit. It’s brilliant. Really raw and natural and live. You don’t get that much in soundtracks, that live kind of feel, but Goblin do it.